Sunday, May 30, 2010

Life is Good

 It certainly is! Wow!! This beautiful award was offered to me by the lovely and talented Suzicate over at The Water Witch's Daughter. She is funny, writes beautiful poetry, can shake her booty with all manner of munchkins and loves rocks, trees and water. What's not to like! And now she floors me by deciding that I am worthy of some bling from her. I am terribly honoured that she has recognized little ole me and my blog. Really and truly I am. Sweet! Her only request was to answer a few questions, which I will gladly do. So without further ado;

1. Do you believe in reincarnation?

In my twenties, I read many books on many esoteric topics. I discovered Richard Bach and flew with his friendly seagulls. You could stretch his concepts into reincarnation. Kinda. Anyway, even in much further days of yore I wondered what become of us after we died. My father passed away when I was five, and as the years passed, I wondered what he would have come back as. Was he that bird over there or perhaps the tree that was planted last week? Maybe he was the frog that hopped into the pond when we went to visit the other day? Hmm. Or was he anything at all? No one can know for sure. The Hindus and Buddhists believe in reincarnation. They both have a lot of interesting things to say. Are they correct in their suppositions on rebirth? It is a nice thought, but I am not sure exactly how it all works. I know that my Bradley is still with me whenever I need him or want to talk to him. I hear his words live within me. Will he be reborn some day? Time is an ethereal concept, so perhaps his rebirth will occur instantly for him, but take longer in the space that I live in at present. I just do not know. What I do suspect though, is that once energy is born, it cannot be extinguished easily. We are all energetic beings. Our bodies are our vessels, but they just might not be the be all and end all...
2. What is your favorite season and why?

I can say something nice about pretty much all of them. In the Fall, the leaves enchant with their myriad of colours. I always take my family portraits outside in amongst the leaves if at all possible. It is also the season of harvest. Last year I canned everything in sight with wild abandon. My family thought I was a little nuts, but I loved it. In winter, I love going for walks in fresh snow on a bright sunny day and making snow people with whomever will help. The Spring brings new growth, new flowers and the start of gardening season (Woohoo!). The days are getting longer and hope returns after the long winter and lack of sunlight. Summer though, is probably tops for me. I am a water baby and love going to the beach or ocean to swim. I love wearing sandals and throw away my socks for a season. All the plants in my garden give me huge delight and I constantly putter, prune and peek at the new things that happen every day. Ah, summer. You are my beauty!
3. If you could time travel, what time would you travel to and where in the world?
I probably would not be interested. It is hard enough to live in the present. The future is a scary thing, but I am sure full of promise. The past is just that; done. I would not go back and change a thing, as it has all brought me to today and that is where I am supposed to be. So while seeing the ancient pyramids being built would be neat, or visiting Stone Henge many moons ago would be cool, I prefer to stay put and see what today brings and look forward to tomorrow.
4. Your favorite place to be?
That has got to be near a body of water. I grew up close to the Great Lakes, which are great, but give me an ocean to watch rolling in and out and I am mesmerized. Failing that, I have spent immeasurable hours plunked beside streams listening to their babbling voices. That has always been a place of comfort and as close to meditation as anyone needs. 

5. If you had your choice to do anything you wanted for a day, what would it be?
Oh, fun! I would need lots of hours, as I would probably be in the garden for a while. Going for lunch with a friend and a glass of wine should be slid in somewhere. Oh, wait, I know! Spend the afternoon at a spa. Oh yeah! With a massage and pedicure, mmmm. That would be lovely.
Another option if it was a family day would be a day at the beach with my girlies. We all love love the water (all water signs) and that would make all of us happy. 

6. Are you a cat or dog person?
I have a cat sitting on my lap licking me at present and I love him for it now. When he or his other furry friend wakes me up in the middle of the night to be let in, or leaves me a present of cat pee in places where it shouldn't be I waver, but sorry my doggy friends the cats in my life are tops. (The whole stoop and scoop thing just grosses me out!)
7. Do you remember a particularly mad dream and if you do, what was it?
Recently, I had a particularly ominous dream. It was awful and I felt like a bad person  upon waking. The feeling lasted all day, despite admitting my horribleness to friends. They reminded me that it was a dream, but it was a hard one to shake. You see, in my dream I left my daughter in the vehicle. I ran into someone's house to grab something and was gone longer than expected. I got talking and could not tear myself away. When I finally returned, waving and smiling, I turned to put my keys in the lock. A cuff was thrown over my wrist. I was being arrested! I was being arrested for abandoning my child in a car. I felt horrible! I felt incredibly guilty. How could I do that to my poor baby! What a horrible person I was! What a horrendous Mother! I deserved to lose my child. Lock me up and throw away the key!! But it was just a dream. A dream. Those words did little to make me feel less like a bad person, but perhaps it was a warning.  I shudder remembering. Yech. Begone foul demon dreams!
8. Favorite food?
Got to be seafood. I love pretty much anything that comes from the sea. Or river. Or lake. In fact I got an invite to my neighbours for dinner as they caught a whole mess of little fishies and are willing to share! I am in my glory! Unfortunately there will probably not be lobster, crab legs, shrimp or even scallops to go with, as those delicacies are not in abundance in South Western Ontario waters (except from the grocery store). I will be there with bells on though! Oh, and don't forget wine to wash it all down with! Yum :)

9. Books or TV?
As with Suzi, I am a book person. I do have a TV in my house, but it doesn't get much action beyond Treehouse (kid's cartoons for my American friends). On the rare occasion I might rent movies, but give me a book any day to curl up with.

10. Star sign?
Egad! I too am a Cancer. I knew there was a reason why I liked Suzi. And yes, I am a true Cancer girl through and through. Home body (most of the time), although with a penchant to travel. Emotions are not just worn on my sleeve, I have gowns and gowns made of them. I love to love and feel beyond all else. I guess that is what helps out the poetry. :) 
And that is that! I apologize if I am overly wordy, but hey that's me! Please visit Suzicate, if you get a chance. I know you will like her as much as I do. If you want to give this quiz a whirl, she left in some other options too; 
If you wish, you can substitute any of the following questions for any of those above:
“Name five things on your “bucket list” that you have not yet accomplished.”
“Choose a symbol that represents you best and why”
“Your favorite element and why”

Have a marvelous Sunday!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sexy superheros shine under moon divine

Sexy superheros shine 

under moon divine. 

Playing along at Six Word Saturday.

The full moon was actually Thursday, but it was still pretty full last night when we went out. The party was fun and many of the costumes rocked. Elvis was spotted (old fat dude), as were the Ghostbusters, Indiana Jones, Wolverine, Captain America, a couple of Wonder Womans, Duff Man, and even Buddha and Jesus were there! We were inundated by Super Daves (groomsmen)and Super Brides Maids, which added to the fun. I aspired to sleep in again, as it was a late night, but it was not to be. The day is a'wasting though, so I am off to grab it by the heels and fly! Have a Super Saturday! 

Friday, May 28, 2010

Black Widow Crossing

    I sit folding laundry after a busy day of running around. My glorious children somehow let me sleep in this morning, for which I am extremely grateful (I was up really late the night before last going through some new computer programs & had a child awake about two hours after I went to bed with a  nightmare. Ick!). So, this morning I still got my cuddles, but the girls went on their way after a spell. I won't tell you what time I got up for fear of repercussions from my jealous fans. :)
     While the plan had originally been to head out to visit Daddy, I quickly realized that there were not enough hours in the day. Somehow I ended up going through clothes to pull out the summer wardrobe. It was on the list of things to do, and apparently that shot to the top of the list. I suppose the heat wave we have been going through makes it a priority, especailly with only two pairs of shorts in my youngest's drawers. The mountainous load of laundry was daunting, but with six loads down, I am getting ahead of the game. I cannot finish the task at hand though, as I have run out of hours again. 
   "It's early yet," I hear you say.
   Yes, but this evening I am going out. Aha! One of those rare moments when Mama becomes Katherine. In fact, I am going to a party. A costume party at that. I can take it one step further even. The party (Stag & Doe) I am attending this evening is a superhero party. OH Yeah! I get to dress up and be a super-sexy super-hero! Unh, hunh! Well, it only took Nancy two months to convince me into this and she completely made my costume, but I am excited to be going. I thought about it and realized yesterday that as it was a stag and doe, there would be dancing! Ohhh! Oh boy! I will have to dance in heels (or kick them off to soft-toe in my fish nets). Perhaps there will even be new people to meet. Hmmm. That is exciting and nerve-wracking all at once, but in a good way. So my friends, I cannot stay. I have to finish my Mama duties, then squeeze me into my costume. Have a Super Friday!

Elegant Black Widow Costume

Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Rainstorm

I have kissed.
I have caressed.
I have listened to the wind.

   Our Karma did not hold.

I have laughed.
I have cried.
I have held your heavy hands.

   Our Karma did not hold.

The elements,
yours and mine,
Do not match;
   Such could have been foreseen?

I thrive in my natural element; water.
You survive in the air
as a cloud,

I can be a part of you,
live in your cloud,
visit the air,
   but not forever.

We separate and go our own ways.
I drop out of your skies,
Quench my thirst in my lake
   And sigh.

Our experiences lie in memories.

So for now I release your hands.
I wipe away my tears
and check my laughter.

I will wait for the until.
The until of tomorrow.
Until we meet again
   in different time and place.
Until we share again
   and laugh, and cry, and be.
Until the skies call for me again
Where I will survive for an instant
And then become memory again.


 Go see Jingle for the Thursday Poet's Rally. She always has new poets in her roster and it is well worth a gander. Thanks for stopping by. Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm in the money!

   Ok, I am just going to share a little secret here. I am so excited! I have another small, wee little job. I had a meeting this morning and it looks like some computer work is coming my way. Change is good (ohm!) and this will fill a few more hours of my week. The challenge will be to multi-task a wee smidge more, but baby steps I can do. It will have me at the computer, versus the paint brush, but I am already familiar here in the world wide web. I cannot really say much more about it right now unfortunately. It is too fresh a concept and I have to wrap my head around it a little more. I have to let the newness sink in; "Let it marinate", as a friend likes to say. Suffice it to say that my newest paying gig will have a dribble more money coming in (and NO I don't have to disrobe or anything crazy like that to do it!), which in the long run enables me to stay home a while longer with my darling babies. All about the kiddos, right! I wish you a prosperous Wednesday. I have some quick research to do, then off to let the world's troubles slide off my back onto the yoga mat. Peace to you...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Go, Green Thumbs! Go!

Busy as a bee

with not a sec to spare.
Working in the garden
when weather is fair.

I must plant impatience
surrounded by lots of thyme
to spend with Mother Nature
whose bounty I find sublime.

So poppy outside

and soak up some sun.
The season is short,
but has just begun!

Green Thumbs!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Victoria Day!

 The Most Charming Poet Award
The Most Inspiring Poet Award

   What a way to end a long weekend. I wake up to two more lovely awards from dear Jingle over at her Thursday Poet's Rally. She really is amazing in her efforts to build a poetry community and I must applaud her for it. I have read some lovely poetry and found some neat people in the rally.


   So Happy Victoria Day to all my Canadian friends! The weather is absolutely beautiful and hot. I pulled out the kid's pool and they were in it as soon as they saw it. Never mind that the temperature of the water was frigid, as it was just out of the hose. Ha! And for those of you who know me and my children, I am sure you can guess what came next. Yup! Once the bathing suits were wet, they were off. I love their sense of abandon and carefree comfort with their bodies. Every once in a while I think about trying to introduce modesty, but really there is plenty of time for that. Society will shove it down their throats soon enough. Let the innocence of childhood reign supreme! And if you are wondering, yes I am fully clothed. I do have a fence, but I don't think it would keep my neighbours goggling eyes out. No need to cause rifts in marriages or overt attention from all the retired single gentlemen that surround me (snicker, I get enough already).

   As for me, I am spending the day puttering about. I was a good Mama and remembered to put sunscreen on the whole brood (me included). We had a picnic in the grass on the beach blanket with our umbrella thrown up for a bit of shade. I trimmed a hedge and cleaned up the cedar debris I created, lest Brad give me heck (he was always bitching about my clean-up abilities. Sorry baby, but they are not greatly improved). Now I have retired to the shade so as heat stroke does not kick in. I have been requested to join in on puzzle hour whilst my littlest babe sleeps. Gladly I will join in on this relaxing task, so off with me. I hope that you are enjoying sunshine in your world. Be well.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Sun

The sun rises in my day
and I s-t-r-e-t-c-h
to feel life flow through 
my body.

Coffee perks,
as the oven heats 400F
and little hands mix
breakfast into greased trays.

Steam rises
off soapy body,
as I wash yesterday
down the drain.

 pray sunshine
brighten sandal-clad feet
as we face the day a-fresh today.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Grounded  by sick child and rain.
Well, the garage sale went on in the rain, but without me. My attempts to bring forth sunshine failed miserably. As I was getting out of the shower, I was presented with a mess at the bathroom door. Yuck! I know you don't want details C (I recall that is your major yuck factor). So, instead of dutifully cleaning my house from top to bottom, I am playing along at Six Word Saturday. I hope your day brings rainbows. I think a mop is calling my name. Excuse me...

Friday, May 21, 2010

You are my SunShine

   There were rays of sunshine amidst the busyness of the day. I took advantage of the lack of rain to plant a few herbs and annuals into the garden this afternoon. As it is supposed to rain tomorrow in my part of the world, it thought that the new plants might be happy to have a big bath tomorrow. I must admit that I hope it does not rain in the morning though. I stuffed the van full of garage sale items to tote out to my aunt's house this morning. The hope is to become fabulously rich by selling my excess wares to the unsuspecting bargain hunters tomorrow. So in honour of a hopefully sunny morning, I thought that I would play a little ditty to help encourage the sunshine to come out and play...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ghost Rhythms

The ring leader was missing tonight.
He was not there to beat his drum.
He did not share his gentle smile.
His rhythmic tones set me adrift,
   but no I cannot cry.

My rhythm man did not join the samba.
He did not stamp a conga groove.
He was not part of the percussion.
His agile hands failed to set the mood,
   but no I did not sigh.

Men and women in a circle
all with hearts so pure to share.
Came together with a purpose;
Making music with a flair;
   and yes your spirit still did fly!

Dear, sweet friend
with smooth, pure vibes.
You have raised me up
on days low in faith's  ride.
   I drum for you.

and every night
that the rhythm 
through chaos' pores
I drum for you.

I cannot walk down life's paths alone
when my friend's heart
 holds quiet
my sodden tears and fears.
I drum for you.

I drum for you,
 to come together.
I drum for me,
to release.
I drum for the world
to make it better
I drum.
I pray.
I drum.

This little jem is from week 18 at Jingle's poet's rally. 
She has it going every week, so you can stop by and check out some of the fantastic poets she has found here. I nominate Megzone for this week as she comes up with something different all the time and makes it work! Thanks for visiting.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Enkosi means Thank You

In Port St. John’s, I discovered Africa. A new Africa, that I had not seen yet. A black Africa, where white faces were a minority in visibility and actual numbers. We entered the Transkei. I had been forewarned of going into the district from relatives and white faces we met in our travels. We were told not to stop, pick up hitch hikers, drive on dirt roads and God forbid an accident occurred and we hit something; again the message was to NOT STOP! For anything. It was dangerous and full of unrest, was the message that was drilled into us. With some trepidation, we did stop though. And for that I will be forever grateful.
Port St John’s is on the coast of the Indian Ocean in the middle of Pondoland. It is considered to be a traditional black homeland and as such, has a very limited white population. The language was another new one to me, so communication with the locals was limited to sign language and what little English they could get by with. Even with that, I felt the difference here though. For two weeks we made the area our home, and it was a beautiful, lush and peaceful place. We stayed in a hostel that was five kilometers from a beautiful beach, full of sand and shells. The town had a traditional market, “Take-Aways” aplenty, a more “formal” supermarket and a bank, if you were willing to stand in the long and very slow line. My van mate Taro even discovered that the Town Hall played movies and he attended with a few local youths that he befriended. They became fast friends and spent several days together just doing and being whatever they liked and required.
I found a measure of quiet, that I sorely needed to recharge my tattered soul. I made new friends and acquaintances.  I discovered a new faith in the country that struggled with its identity after so many years of apartheid and unrest. It was a simple place steeped in tradition. Labelled rustic by some, I found it quaint and it stole my heart. Many words flowed from me as I sat  by candle light. A hike to a waterfall, spawned a longer hike along the Wild Coast Trail. For four days we hiked through back country. We skirted deep, dark chasms, jumped from boulders to rocks, waded through tall, waving fields of grasses and discovered magical streams to take the sting out of burning, sun-baked skin. This was topped off by spending the last night in a traditional rondavel with a Xhosa family that fed us in the manner that they were accustomed to. We slept on the ground in our sleeping bags surrounded by stray dogs and scattered chickens. We were fed rice, samp (beans), mussels  and fish from the ocean we had just been hiking beside. We were steeped in the smiles of the locals. The children seemed to have such an amazingly pure energy and joy of life that was contagious. You could not help but wave and carry on the smiles that they handed out so freely. Those smiles buoyed me up and the simplicity around me made me appreciate all I had and knew. It was a far cry from our previous stops in Port Elizabeth, Addo National Park and East London and that was a good thing.
*Enkosi means Thank You in Xhosa, one of South Africa's Eleven official languages. I noted that was the only word I picked up in Xhosa in a post card written home
Here is a link to Miriam Makeba singing the Click Song in Xhosa.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


   An epiphany of a sort has been creeping in this week. Perhaps it was highlighted by the loss of a sweet woman in the blog-o-sphere. This woman brought back many images of me and my family in my darker days. She battled cancer and sadly succumbed to the disease last week. I follow a few blogs that were touched by this woman and her family's plight and many candles have been lit for them. I too walked the chaotic path of cancer within my family unit and was overwhelmed by its power. That time period will be with me always and I feel deeply and with such sorrow for any that have to walk that path. My cancer journey was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life, but the grief journey that followed was even harder. I was shocked at the amount of work that it takes to process grief and am often still surprised by the knock and reminders that will live with me forever about these difficult days. I would never have believed how many tears could be shed, but I somehow survived and face a new day every day of my life. 
   What has struck me this week is something different though. Weeks before my husband was diagnosed, we had just had our first child. Ten months before that we celebrated our love by tying the proverbial knot (no need to do the math -she was our honeymoon stage gift!). Our days before that were filled with wedding planning and home renovations to our newly purchased home in a new town. For a period of about five years, I think that I hit a ridiculous number of stressors (good and bad) on the scale of stress factors. I seemed to only be able to function if we were going through some change or transformation. When Brad died, a big piece of me went with him. The death of my cousin a few months following, was just another in a long line of stressors that I just could not deal with any more. I caved and leaned on whatever supports that I could. Other friends and family disappeared at that time, but time refused to stop. I held on treading water and with help have moved through a seemingly insurmountable amount of carnage. And now...

   Now, I am normal.

   This week I looked at myself and noted that I have nothing going on in my life. I am working part-time and am happy with that. I am writing in this blog and working on two books when I can. I do yoga, participate in a drum circle and am part of a book club. I have two beautiful daughters that I love more than my life. They give me a reason to get up in the morning and put a smile on my face when I am not scolding them for some little thing that is normal for children their age. I have friends that enjoy my company and family that cares about what I feel and do. My worries and stresses are the everyday bland kind of stress that everybody goes through. My grief is still mine, but it does not rule me anymore. I face the day and the worst of it could be deciding what to make for dinner, scheduling a vet appointment for the cat, or making sure the bills are paid on time. All normal. Normal. Wow. You probably do not understand why this affects me so, but it is an epiphany that I noted for me this week. I am just like everyone else. I can shed tears for others today and do, but my life is okay just the way it is. And I think I like it.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Musings

Your Comments are Extraordinary Award

   Thank you to Jingle for again handing out some most lovely awards at her site. She really is a kind and generous lady, that I am thrilled to have met. Well, Monday is usually the day that I whisk you off to Africa, but I was out all day. I did manage to get some laundry done and a few flowers planted, but somehow I managed to survive without being hooked up to the computer for a long span today. Whatever shall we do about that? Hmm...

Well, perhaps I will just share some of the things that  were a part of my weekend that I love in my life.

My gardens and flowers that bring me many smiles.

My first born flowery, nature child of my heart with a purity of soul that lifts me up and reminds me that life is worth living.

And that little imp that steals my soul with her smile. I cannot tell you how much I love my gift of spirit that is my second daughter.


These are some images that were a part of my weekend past. 
How was yours?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Princess Party

Princess participants
too pooped to pop.
Partied at the palace,
now play pushups
on pillows plump.

Please don't come a knocking
until nap time fades away.
Gosh! It seems
 I spoke too soon.
The girls arise again.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sensational Saturday

Sensational Saturday slays shameful seasonal slump.

Playing along at six word Saturday. My weekend is shaping up to be the best ever in fly-by-the-seat-of-your- pants happenings. Yesterday was spontaneous hot dog smörgåsbord and fun. Today, we gathered dirt, a mop head (that the kids insisted I use right away. HA! NOT!!!), yard bags and new plants salvaged from a garden going by the wayside. That morphed into lunch, which switched into digging and planting. Neighbours appeared and conversation ensued. I am a natural for being long-winded, so soon enough the dinner hour arrived. So did dinner! I schmoozed up steak, hot dogs, burgers, salad and beer, but tried to counter with offerings of shrimp and new plantlets (euphorbia and black-eyed susan). Not sure if that is a fair offering, but I presented all I knew about the grand big world of the blog-o-sphere as after dinner conversation. Probably painful to the not inclined, but they humoured me with  their interest and plied me with more beer. So I stayed. Sensational. Need say no more. Hope your Saturday slayed too.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Fabulous Friday

The Most Open-Minded Poet Award

The Most Honest Poet Award

The Most Intelligent Poet Award

   Imagine my surprise after a beautiful day spent with a close friend, her daughter and my two little ones, to come home and be honoured with the above awards. Dear Jingle handed out her awards today from the Thursday Poets' Rally and I got bling all over the place! Yeehaaw mama! She is such a sweet lady and I am thrilled to have met her. Thanks Ji!!!

   Really my day has been blessed all around. It started with cuddles from my cuties under the covers. Continued with coffee. Ahhh! Braids made for a beauty, so the barber was belayed. That fit in time for a gander at the garden store where some new gems followed me home. Healthy herbs are an honest dollar spent, I say. I itch to get in and plant all! The afternoon saw shopping, sipping sweetness and silly girls swirling all around. Videos viewed gave Mommas a moment to meditate on plant mindfulness in mid-day musings. We retired inside, so reiki I could apply. Restful and relaxing for both receiver and recipient. All topped off with a gourmet feast beyond belief. The iconic fry and meaty dog, with a cold beer chaser. One can do no better than a Friday with friends and family and fabulous fanfares. 

Happy Friday to you! I hope sunshine hits your world this weekend and gives you smiles.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Word Games

Thursday looms
and words doth race.
Gather them round
this dark place.

We shall start a bright fire
and toss verbs to the flame.
As adjectives admire,
pronouns blame.

Stack them up
and build them higher.
No adverbs allowed
to conspire.

Now quietly watch
as night steals interjection's quarrel.
The blaze of my stanza's fate
lends a poetry moral.

Don't mess with the noun.
It will make you frown.
Ha! These lines win
a big ole grin.


Something different for Jingle's Poet's Rally this week. Happy Thursday! Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Dassie

I sat on the rooftop watching the night sky without seeing a star. I sat staring out the window of the moving van, missing all the wonders of the world that travelled by me. I sat crumpled on cold boulders waiting for the tears to come and willing the ocean’s power to absolve my aches. I sat and sat and sat.
The day before we left, I had made a phone call across the oceans, that was inspired by dreams of home. That phone call stole my breath away, as my not-forgotten mate had been heavy on my mind. The receiver had burned in my grip, as a picture was painted of my lover in another’s arms. The phone had seemed to jump from my hand and swung loosely, as my feet lead me away into the night. Anger swarmed me from all sides, but I walked out of its grip. Where I walked, I do not know. My lack of excitement at exploring this new land matched the gray horizons that I woke to. I had no heart to move forward and be, so just sat staring at the world around me through glazed eyes. On one hand, I had expected something like this, but on another I was shocked still. The days that had passed had presented me with offers. I had battled away from them, not sure where I was leading my travelling heart. Now it seemed obvious that I had orchestrated this all along, and I wondered what direction I was to move in next. Africa held my heart excitedly in its grip and beckoned me to stay today, tomorrow and forever more. I was numb. I let the world come and present to me what it would. It did not disappoint. A misty morning found some friends to keep me company on my last day in Mossel Bay before heading off down the coast to Jeffery’s Bay.

Hello furry friends.
You come to smile at me.
You see a tear
Hang in my eye
“Pray disappear,”
I hear you cry.

But I must leave.
The porridge calls
And tea so cold
Will never go.

But blessed be you
For coming by.
You heard me sob.
You heard me cry.
I needed a friend
And this you knew.

The morning starts.
I say goodbye,
But I’ll hold you dear
For the silent hug of mine.

Go well.
Stay well.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Flat Tuesday

flat tire in the rain
with a spare that refuses release
by my hand or tow truck driver's might,
Equals a late dinner
and grumpier face than the one that looked out
on the wet and rainy day that was Tuesday.
Subsequently, means a change in plans
to another wet and rainy day
called Wednesday.
Lame month
So far.

spread your wings award
A lovely thing from Jingle, that I offer you to share.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Honours for me that I show off proudly!

    Princess Award

 Gratitude with Attitude

Butterfly Mom Award
All of these awards put a huge smile on my face. They are from Jingle, who just received the book I sent her from my contest. I am truly blown away by her constant chipper attitude and the support that she lauds on everyone she meets. I am truly thrilled and honoured to receive these special awards just for me and also take the awards below that are offered to all. Thank you, thank you Jingle for making everyone feel so special and loved. I needed those mental hugs you offered today. Bless you.

Fly away

Cape Town faded into the distance behind us. Mossel Bay was the destination point for us to lay our heads for the night. It seemed dream-like to be sitting in the little baby blue kombi travelling in South Africa. I had not imagined anything as perfect as this when I dreamed up a trip to my Father’s homeland so many months ago. Now I was part-owner of this precious van that we had made ours by going so far as to stitch our own curtains. The van even got a name, as was befitting such a quaint vehicle as this. “Arnie” became ours on January 8th. He was named after the man we bought it from. He was a right proper Afrikaaner by the name of Arnold. He had taken good care of the kombi and now it was ours to explore in. The country lay in wait for our meandering ways.
We spent our last days in Cape Town amassing implements to aid us on our journey. The local market provided us with such things as a stove, tent, pots and pans, plates, bowls, cutlery and of course food. I had left my uncle’s home shortly after Christmas to house-sit for a friend of my cousin’s. I relaxed into solitude, but not for long. That was followed by a move into a hostel in Cape Town to make the night life more accessible. This I took advantage of. It was there that I met Miki’s friend Brett, who flew in from Australia. We went to a rave New Year’s Eve and became instant inseparable friends. Over many a drink, we concocted the plan of taking South Africa by storm behind the wheel of our own vehicle. It all fell into place perfectly and now the waves of the Atlantic Ocean gave way to the Indian Ocean. Whatever excess baggage I had was left behind at my uncle’s. I was free. Free to be me and go wherever the wind blew me. I had new friends by my side who fuelled my excitement at life’s turn. Sunshine warmed my cheek, as I bent my head to write tales of my voyage thus far in my trusty journal. I had stepped onto a new path and my old history was no more than a whisper in the back of my mind. “Fly away” was all I heard in the cavernous echo of my head, as ripe tomorrows peeked through the windshield in front of us. Brett, Miki, her brother and I were on a date with destiny. In all its corniness, it was infinitely true. The tomorrows to come would hold experiences to fill a jealous bird’s lifetime. Yesterday disappeared in a little puff of smoke out the back of a brilliantly blue kombi. We were set on an unknown path down the N2 highway of South Africa.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Circle of Friends

Just going to share a video today. Listened to the song on the way home in the car and it resonated with me. I like Edie. Happy Mothering Day

Saturday, May 8, 2010

In preparation for celebration

   Road tripping weekend AGAIN this week! We are off to my sister's house today to celebrate Mother's day with my more-or-less brother-in-law's family. Twill be a gala affair, to be sure, especially as we bring treats for Grandma Gracie. We will also be bringing treats for the other mommies that we will see over the weekend (Grandma, Grammy and Auntie). The girls and I were busy being crafty all day Friday, so that we could have loverly gifts to present to all the bestest Mommies in our world! I crafted a new poem (seem to be on a bit of a role) and the girls had paint and stickers flying everywhere.
    I will share one stanza from the poem, but you don't get the whole thing this time I am afraid;

                                                     What images doth render here?
                                                     Bandaids and kisses to take away fear.
                                                     Laughter aplenty to brighten love’s heart.
                                                     Veggies and vitamins to make us smart.
                                                     The many rules for security
                                                     To keep us safe, both you and me.

    I even got my hand into the crafty side of creative as well. I finally got my soap made (with the essence of lily of the valley from the garden), so shall take some along with the other gifts. With the help of the girls, we poured through photos of family to print out. We slathered glue on them and now they decorate a special present for Grandma. As if that was not enough, we even made new signs for the girl's doors sporting their names and whatever else would stick to them. Surprisingly the house did not get too absolutely covered in mac tack, paint, glue, stickers and sequins. Better luck next time, I guess. But for now we sail off to cousins to play with, aunts to giggle with and Grandmas to snuggle with. May all the Mothers in your world feel the love owed them. I am going to deliver mine in person. Happy Saturday.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Gray Day in May

The start of May;
a rainy day.
No outdoor play.
sigh, I want to stay
in bed till the gray
just goes away.
My thoughts belay
a sombre bray
upon which none can say
they would join the fray
in haste or with delay
of a mind tortured by storm's spray.
So, I will just go away
and hope for the sun's ray
to come out tomorrow. Okay?!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Stream

I love your song.
Sing to me. The trickling tune is magic.
I am mesmerized by your look,
   your sound.

You hold joy and tears
and memories I know
and do not know.
   Run on forever.

The sky fills with white puffs of cloud
slowly dancing down to your surface.
In slow motion, they descend
   And surround you and I.

I am at peace with you.
You are serenity
and more.
   The clouds know it and so do I.

We must all watch as the sun disappears.
The frogs give serenade,
but you continue your song;
   a lullaby for time.

With a star signalling night
I depart from your song,
but hold it in my heart, as a dream.
   My touch with a feeling I can never name.

I love you song.
Good night
clear and gentle stream
   of my life.

This is a poem revisited for Jingles Poet's Rally. May nature touch your soul and glow.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

shooting stars

With stars for a pillow
   and the moon to wrap you warm
You creep away from me, my love
   slip quiet away from harm.

I cannot walk beside you.
   I cannot stand at all.
Your wandering ways
   and silken days,
they just don't heed my call.

Wherefore are you lost again,
  to wither round the moon.
with crows for friend
   are you on the mend?
or crashing all too soon.

So speak to all that find you
   and fall for the gypsy path,
but know that I stand at garden's gate
   unable to go beyond your wrath.

No more can we sing.
No more can we dance.
Memory is ours to girdle the stars,
   but the moon drops out with a glance.

Tomorrow may the sun rise
    and glisten away the dew.
The Fairy's ways
   enchant my days,
but no more than with visions of you.

Just going to add the link to the poet's rally, since I already seem to be there. Thanks Jingle.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

And the winner is...

Drum roll please!

dadadadadadadada dummm...

drum, de, drum, de, drummmm...

And the winner is,

Congratulations to you  Jingle for winning a copy of "Someone Will Be With You Shortly". Thank you to everyone who came by to visit and contribute your two cents worth during my premiere contest. As you can see, I put my best people on the project of decision making to select a contest winner. I did not want to have any concerns that the staff at A New Day would be found cheating. I hope that assuages any fears you may have. I have to say, I found the process fun. I wish you all well and good luck in whatever other ventures you may have going on. If you could please email me with your address Jingle, I will send you your copy of the  new book post haste. Consider your book in the mail :) And to all of you, stay beautiful!

Monday, May 3, 2010

It's Christmas time...

I fell into my aunt and uncle’s arms exhausted, as the bus that had tortured my posterior completed its epic 14-hour journey across the country. I was back in Brackenfell, a little worse for wear, but ready to face the rest of my African adventure with gusto. I had conquered the wilds of Botswana and touched on a little corner of Zimbabwe. The impressions were worn into my psyche and I wore them like a badge of honour. I gushed to my kin about the animals I had seen and the adventures I had survived, trying to give the PG-13 version, but with flair. I am sure they saw a very different niece than had left them three weeks previous, but they were happy to see me return with such excitement. They let me prattle on, as was my wont.  When I paused for breath, they announced a surprise for me as well. I had had visitors! My brush with Miki, in what felt like a previous life time, had not been forgotten.  She had arrived in Cape Town herself and had called after me. In fact, upon us arriving back to my aunt and uncle’s house, a note had been stuffed in the door. She had popped by, knowing I was to return that day. She immediately shot up to the top of my list of priority people to call and see, but first bed and a shower called.
The following days seemed to fly by faster than I could process. It was a week before Christmas, but being South of the Equator, felt nothing like the Christmases I knew. Not a speck of snow was visible except in television commercials. I wandered in shorts, when not swimming outside. I visited the Waterfront in Cape Town with a cousin and her friend. We took in the touristy sights to my delight and ended the day by checking out the Christmas lights in Sommerset West. On a subsequent day, a wine tour was enjoyed. With all the renowned wineries in the area, we made a day of it with yet other cousins escorting me along for the fun. And of course, I reconnected with Miki. Just as her South African friend had noted, he lived mere minutes from my home base. We caught up on the adventures the two of us had experienced since seeing each other last and made plans for an evening out.
And with that it was Christmas. The first I had ever been away from my mother and sister. While I could have been melancholy and sad over their presence being missed, I was instead slightly hung over.  Christmas Eve, Miki showed up on my uncle’s doorstep to take me out for a glass of Christmas cheer. She returned me back to his doorstep closer to the 4 AM point and my morning at church was a little painful, but weathered. Christmas day was set poolside at my cousin Marianne and Weppie’s home. We dined on a cold buffet lunch, which was a far cry from the turkey dinners I knew and loved. The heat was not conducive to oven roasted fare though and I knew that while I piled my plate high. My best Christmas present of the day was a treat from my cousin Naude though. He surprised the family by coming down from Johannesburg for Christmas and he brought me some leftover turkey with stuffing from a previous Christmas feast he had attended. It was a very sweet offering and it made my day. We laughed and cheered, ate and swam. I survived my first Christmas without my closest kin, but instead was surrounded by the kin of my father and surrounded by love. It was a very special day, not to be forgotten. 

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bloomin Fun

I am pooped from a weekend away. I piled the children and myself into the van and pointed us in the direction of...

The plan was to go and visit an old  friend of mine for the weekend. Despite an extraordinarily long wait at the border (I mean really, what is the point of an hour and a half wait!), we finally arrived with warm hugs aplenty offered all around. We were out of the van for maybe fifteen minutes, before jumping back into it to head to destination BBQ by the lake. 

The kids all had wonderful fun testing the waters. A little on the cold side yet for swimming, as the ice was not that distant a memory, but it did not deter them. They splashed and giggled until burgers and dogs disappeared along with the sun. We thanked our hosts and departed for the night to tuck little ones into bed. A gathering was already planned for the next evening, and much visiting needed to be done. The day passed in welcome comfort and soon enough the sun bid good day again. New faces entered the scene with more kids in tow.  Food and drinks flowed along with much  laughter. Too soon it was time to head for home though (we stretched our visiting hours to the max staying up until the very wee hours ~4am). More hugs and waves goodbye.

Michigan did not want to relinquish its hold too fast though (the border killed me this weekend with another hour wait on the way home. Geez!). I made it though. And I look forward to crawling into my own bed for a good night's sleep back in Canada. Welcome home to me. 

Saturday, May 1, 2010

We had Babies!

Momma perches on her charges

The passing of the guard.
Momma off to forage for more.

Now it's time for lunch!
Go, Daddy Go!


at a special thing.

Love is beautiful ...


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