Thursday, April 29, 2010

Alone in a Fish Bowl

In my world
I am swimming still
drifting, dreaming
I can't get my fill.

The whole earth surrounds me
with oceans far and wide.
I smile in constant wonder
at the spaces I can glide.

Just waft around the corner
and whistle round the bend
as I take a step to you my friend
it seems it will never end.

The beauty, it surrounds me
in colours orange, green and gold
my only wish is for you my love
to be here with a hand to hold.

This poem  is inspired by Magpie Tales and I think I might throw in a link to Thursday Poet Rally as well. Happy Thursday.


  1. you are speedy
    you have the first magpie tale ready,
    a poem!
    I will place your link in as participants,
    what you do is to visit 12 other participants that are NEW to you.

    you know the Rally post list, right?

  2. This was a cute poem
    and interesting take on the prompt
    i guess life can be a fishbowl

  3. Thanks Jingle. I am going to blunder my through for funzies. Be well.

  4. very nice. glad to see you in on magpie and the poets rally that is awesome!

  5. You are an inspiration Brian. What can I say. Thanks for popping by.
    And thank you for visiting Suz. I love your site.

  6. Lovely use of the prompt. You took me on a journey around a private world while still carrying the fishbowl in my mind.

  7. Thanks for visiting Chhaya, little hat and spacedlaw. Just a little whimsy from me for all to enjoy.

  8. Dear Kkringe: I love your sense of wonder
    and beauty in your poem. In particular you made me cry when I read the last line;

    "my only wish is for you my love
    to be here with a hand to hold."

    You sound like an authentic and self-actuated person. Your poems certainly reflect this sense of being. Namaste!

  9. Very nice interpretation of the Magpie photo!

  10. A lovely combination of words - a hand to hold would be a nice thing!

  11. Now this would make a perfect Valentine or special anniversary -- oh so sweet -- I love it. Wish my partner would send me something like this....


  12. Delightful piece! Great take on the photo.

  13. I am pleased as punch to have so many visitors come by and admire my little piece. Thank you all for your delightful comments. Tumbleweeds, I would be thrilled to have a hand to hold, but for right now it is just memories. Joanny, it always seems ironic that those who want more romance get nada and those that don't care are heaped in flowers. All else fails, buy your own roses. Chiccoreal,I am touched by your kind words. thank you.

  14. Lovely just glides..thank you!

  15. Good story, perfect rhyming, successful delivery. This is poetry at its perfection, what more can I say???

    You'll love this, it brings inspiration in bulk;

  16. Good poetic creation, based on the prompt.


    mine is up.
    thanks for the reflections.
    I will email you a little bit later for address.
    you are a true blessing!


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