Wednesday, May 5, 2010

shooting stars

With stars for a pillow
   and the moon to wrap you warm
You creep away from me, my love
   slip quiet away from harm.

I cannot walk beside you.
   I cannot stand at all.
Your wandering ways
   and silken days,
they just don't heed my call.

Wherefore are you lost again,
  to wither round the moon.
with crows for friend
   are you on the mend?
or crashing all too soon.

So speak to all that find you
   and fall for the gypsy path,
but know that I stand at garden's gate
   unable to go beyond your wrath.

No more can we sing.
No more can we dance.
Memory is ours to girdle the stars,
   but the moon drops out with a glance.

Tomorrow may the sun rise
    and glisten away the dew.
The Fairy's ways
   enchant my days,
but no more than with visions of you.

Just going to add the link to the poet's rally, since I already seem to be there. Thanks Jingle.


  1. Hey, is it too soon to link this to Poet's Rally Jingle? Perhaps another poem tomorrow instead?

  2. That is simply beautiful -- and so strange it is my feelings today that was bubbling below the surface till I read your words the emotions came flowing out like a fountain.
    I see you love Kahlil Gibran-- your poetry reflects that soft over voice similar to Gibran, coming in on the words of truth and spirituality.


  3. Joanny I am so honoured that you liken me to Khalil Gibran. He has exquisite poetry and I aspire to create half of what he did. Thank you so much for your kind words.

  4. a lovely poem, well delivered

  5. the flow on this one is remarkable...and the tale of woe, the gypsie path...

  6. What incredible images - gypsy path, withering round the moon,but I love this "I cannot walk beside you.
    I cannot stand at all.
    Your wandering ways
    and silken days,
    they just don't heed my call." This is fabulous!

  7. The tale of woe was one I walked with a long ago friend. He is still a friend, and still wander lost. He crossed my path today and my poetic mind. Thanks for the love wordwand, Brian and Suzicate.

  8. Oh, Kat. As always, you steal my breath away. Love so much about this, especially the first stanza.

    Promise me an autographed 1st edition when your first book of poetry is published, okay?

  9. It really weaves a pretty but lonely tale. Thanks for the loveliness of poetic dance

    Happy Thursday Rally


  10. This poem is so beautiful, has a very nice flow with amazing images. Love the stanza "With stars for a pillow
    and the moon to wrap you warm
    You creep away from me, my love
    slip quiet away from harm."

  11. Definitely my favourite so far! I echo all the comments about the flow & the imagery. Beautiful, just like you :)

  12. Of course you get a copy C! You are my best and longest follower. You inspire me every day to be here. Hugs to you!
    Thank you for visiting my world Leslie and Viola. I am just tickled that my words touch people. Happy poet's rally to all.


    I linked this one to represent you as fresh poet,
    but yes, you post a new poem and link in to participate, let me know after you post.
    thanks a ton!

  14. aww this is such a beautiful write... the imagery so expressive...
    //but know that I stand at garden's gate
    unable to go beyond your wrath.
    // totally loved these...

  15. Wow, this is excellent! I like how the rhymes switch back and forth the cadence, really kept me interested.

    btw, your header on this site is totally cool. i was waiting for the blue to load something, then i realized i had to scroll down. i did it several times just because it was fun!


    I try to honor previous participants,
    welcome back for a visit to me,
    or attend our Rally once more.
    you are given three award from the post from me.

    thanks for the participation.

    visiting 12 poets from the list will help you in better shape in getting feedbacks on your own poem.

  17. Sorry,
    to save time,
    i copy and pasted...
    you are back,
    so welcome and have fun!

  18. first time I have read your work & am impressed. I think I speak for nearly all "the gypsy path" what wonderful lines


    My Thursday Poets Rally poem is here.
    thanks for the feedback!

  20. a lovely poem; wonderful use of nature and nice rhyming too.happy to come across your blog.


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