Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I have an idea in my head that has been rolling around since the spring. It seems to be finding a bit of a footing in my world and I am rather excited by it. I would love feedback from anyone. Interested parties in receiving my administrations please apply. Let's spin the karma wheel and hold on tight ....

Green Hands Helping

We all carry challenges in our life. Some are given tasks of injury, disability or disease. There is a physical aspect to these challenges, but they also incorporate a mental and emotional struggle. I have had my emotional stresses and continue to work through them on a daily basis. The ordeal that I have struggled with was to find a means to survive my grief process and find meaning in living life again. We all have our stories to tell.

One of the places that has brought me peace has been my garden. Connecting with the Earth has calmed me and helped me to see life through kinder eyes. I can create beauty and foster life and growth. That has been the challenge for my personal self. I try to see my growth through the love I offer to Mother Nature. It is a good energy and good meditation for me. I can be one on one with myself and be happy with myself. It is a gift given and received warmly.

When challenges come upon us, life takes on a different nature. We multi-task and prioritize what needs to be taken care of and what can be let go. Sometimes in the stress of the moment, we have to let go of things we care about. While it may offer something to us, it just does not fit into the priority list. I have lived through the stress of disease and know that survival is the key goal. Life takes on a different tone and we do what we can to survive.

I want to offer my services in your time of stress. Cancer has left its mark on me and I heal myself through working in the earth, through helping in the garden. I love my garden. I know the pain of letting go of parts of oneself due to circumstances beyond your control. I want to offer a little of your old normal back and some beauty back, where stress has left its strain. Let me trim, prune, weed and dig, so that you can have time to stop and smell the roses. So that you can stop and see the roses. The ugly weed of cancer in your heart and disarray in your garden do not have to be. Let me help you and in turn help me.


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