Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer Fun

The rag-taggle days of summer are
filled with joy and smiles

With meandering trips 
and sun-tinged dips

we've enjoyed the life 
thus far

and moments
are captured full
and often
on the fly

How can one
but possibly 
any other season
to ally?

Aye, forsooth
these lazy days
are rampant
and addictive

but comes the day
when play must away
and to writing again
I'll be captive

so just for today
I welcome the delay
and raise cheers 
to summer-time 

tomorrow will rise
with responsibilities
I do surmise
but for now
I live for the sun

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Floating Away

Children at play
(away for the day!)
Mama at home
Shaking words out under chrome-
plated lamp, that trembles
with diggers rumbles

but sweet success 
is measured in redress
by being a week ahead of schedule
may holidays now ensue!
Escape this foul domain of grit
and find me floating downriver sunlit

love when my scribe works with me!
Work is done for the week
and half done for next.
Should be plenty of time 
for some fun & frolic 
riverside again

Thursday, July 19, 2012



A kiss on my forehead
The touch of your hand brushing mine
Your smouldering gaze,
enough to make my knees weak ~ Love

All things described elsewhere
but felt in a heartbeat
and the embrace as you greet
me after too many days away.
Returned today

washes away any thoughts of tears,
any dreams or fears
of you not being here
to greet me at my hearth

Electric breezes
blow through yesterday
and melt those days away
Until all that is left
is a hot caress and promises deft.

You shall be mine,
as we entwine
nevermore to be parted
two souls reunited.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Daa Lobstah

We went to daa coast foa vacashun
We were on daa search foa some lobstah!
Daa craving was East Coast lobstah rolls
and daa place to find em was Baa Haba
only Baa Haba lobstah rolls would do!

We tasted daa sea on our cheeks
We touched daa ocean wid our toes
We ate every morsel of lobstah
from daa lobstah rolls at daa lobstah pound
and den went back for one moe...

Now my belly, she is round
And I fear daet I cannot eat even one moe bite
But daer is still anotha day close to daa ocean
And daa lobstah she does call me in the night
oh, daa lobstah, she does call me in the night.

Fresh Maine Lobstah!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Morning Muse

The water laps against the dock that I perch on. A mug of strong coffee sits inches from the journal that I write in. Three girls excitedly explore the new world around them, in awe of the beauty that it holds.

And so they should. It is beautiful.

They have every reason to admire it. Green, treed hills surround the lake. If there are cottages around us, its hard to tell. No man-made structures mar the view. Only little crests of white foam punctuate the surface of the lake. A rock or two peak out of the surface of the warm waters closer to shore. Sure, a pontoon boat drifts forlorn just along the coast, but with the lack of human population, we can imagine that the whole world is ours and ours alone. Peace, laughter and tranquility are all that is asked of us. We comply.

This is day 1 of our stay at Coldstream Lake. This is my piece of Maine for a week. The sky offers an azure welcome that can't be beat. Well, maybe more a baby blue, but geez, it sounds nice. Looks it too! Any clouds that accentuate its canopy lie on the perimeter of the lake's edge. It is going to be a lovely day! The promise of swimming, canoeing and several more smiles fills the air. What else can one ask for? Ahhh!

The only thing that would make it better, would be...

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer Vibes

It is officially summertime. The kids are home from school and vacations are under way. There have been trips to trailers undertaken, near and far, playdates attended, with many more planned and an imminent trip getting sorted out as we speak. All of that, plus I have been trying to fit in a few hours to work as well. No easy task, but it needs to be done. Bills don't pay themselves, right? Plus, those trips need to be funded somehow.

What does this all mean, but a lapse in my own personal writing. A sad state of affairs in my books, but there are only so many hours in a day. Sometimes you just have to go out and live them, while the living is ripe. So I apologize, but you might not see me around these parts in the next little while. A cottage is beckoning from South of the border and the summer sun demands as many swimming breaks as I can fit in. I love you. I miss you and I will be back, but the summer vibe has struck...


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