Wednesday, May 5, 2010

shooting stars

With stars for a pillow
   and the moon to wrap you warm
You creep away from me, my love
   slip quiet away from harm.

I cannot walk beside you.
   I cannot stand at all.
Your wandering ways
   and silken days,
they just don't heed my call.

Wherefore are you lost again,
  to wither round the moon.
with crows for friend
   are you on the mend?
or crashing all too soon.

So speak to all that find you
   and fall for the gypsy path,
but know that I stand at garden's gate
   unable to go beyond your wrath.

No more can we sing.
No more can we dance.
Memory is ours to girdle the stars,
   but the moon drops out with a glance.

Tomorrow may the sun rise
    and glisten away the dew.
The Fairy's ways
   enchant my days,
but no more than with visions of you.

Just going to add the link to the poet's rally, since I already seem to be there. Thanks Jingle.


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