Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sexy superheros shine under moon divine

Sexy superheros shine 

under moon divine. 

Playing along at Six Word Saturday.

The full moon was actually Thursday, but it was still pretty full last night when we went out. The party was fun and many of the costumes rocked. Elvis was spotted (old fat dude), as were the Ghostbusters, Indiana Jones, Wolverine, Captain America, a couple of Wonder Womans, Duff Man, and even Buddha and Jesus were there! We were inundated by Super Daves (groomsmen)and Super Brides Maids, which added to the fun. I aspired to sleep in again, as it was a late night, but it was not to be. The day is a'wasting though, so I am off to grab it by the heels and fly! Have a Super Saturday! 


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