Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Victoria Day!

 The Most Charming Poet Award
The Most Inspiring Poet Award

   What a way to end a long weekend. I wake up to two more lovely awards from dear Jingle over at her Thursday Poet's Rally. She really is amazing in her efforts to build a poetry community and I must applaud her for it. I have read some lovely poetry and found some neat people in the rally.


   So Happy Victoria Day to all my Canadian friends! The weather is absolutely beautiful and hot. I pulled out the kid's pool and they were in it as soon as they saw it. Never mind that the temperature of the water was frigid, as it was just out of the hose. Ha! And for those of you who know me and my children, I am sure you can guess what came next. Yup! Once the bathing suits were wet, they were off. I love their sense of abandon and carefree comfort with their bodies. Every once in a while I think about trying to introduce modesty, but really there is plenty of time for that. Society will shove it down their throats soon enough. Let the innocence of childhood reign supreme! And if you are wondering, yes I am fully clothed. I do have a fence, but I don't think it would keep my neighbours goggling eyes out. No need to cause rifts in marriages or overt attention from all the retired single gentlemen that surround me (snicker, I get enough already).

   As for me, I am spending the day puttering about. I was a good Mama and remembered to put sunscreen on the whole brood (me included). We had a picnic in the grass on the beach blanket with our umbrella thrown up for a bit of shade. I trimmed a hedge and cleaned up the cedar debris I created, lest Brad give me heck (he was always bitching about my clean-up abilities. Sorry baby, but they are not greatly improved). Now I have retired to the shade so as heat stroke does not kick in. I have been requested to join in on puzzle hour whilst my littlest babe sleeps. Gladly I will join in on this relaxing task, so off with me. I hope that you are enjoying sunshine in your world. Be well.


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