Friday, May 14, 2010

Fabulous Friday

The Most Open-Minded Poet Award

The Most Honest Poet Award

The Most Intelligent Poet Award

   Imagine my surprise after a beautiful day spent with a close friend, her daughter and my two little ones, to come home and be honoured with the above awards. Dear Jingle handed out her awards today from the Thursday Poets' Rally and I got bling all over the place! Yeehaaw mama! She is such a sweet lady and I am thrilled to have met her. Thanks Ji!!!

   Really my day has been blessed all around. It started with cuddles from my cuties under the covers. Continued with coffee. Ahhh! Braids made for a beauty, so the barber was belayed. That fit in time for a gander at the garden store where some new gems followed me home. Healthy herbs are an honest dollar spent, I say. I itch to get in and plant all! The afternoon saw shopping, sipping sweetness and silly girls swirling all around. Videos viewed gave Mommas a moment to meditate on plant mindfulness in mid-day musings. We retired inside, so reiki I could apply. Restful and relaxing for both receiver and recipient. All topped off with a gourmet feast beyond belief. The iconic fry and meaty dog, with a cold beer chaser. One can do no better than a Friday with friends and family and fabulous fanfares. 

Happy Friday to you! I hope sunshine hits your world this weekend and gives you smiles.


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