Tuesday, May 4, 2010

And the winner is...

Drum roll please!

dadadadadadadada dummm...

drum, de, drum, de, drummmm...

And the winner is,

Congratulations to you  Jingle for winning a copy of "Someone Will Be With You Shortly". Thank you to everyone who came by to visit and contribute your two cents worth during my premiere contest. As you can see, I put my best people on the project of decision making to select a contest winner. I did not want to have any concerns that the staff at A New Day would be found cheating. I hope that assuages any fears you may have. I have to say, I found the process fun. I wish you all well and good luck in whatever other ventures you may have going on. If you could please email me with your address Jingle, I will send you your copy of the  new book post haste. Consider your book in the mail :) And to all of you, stay beautiful!


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