Wednesday, September 15, 2010

transient lovers

transient lovers
passed slowly in the night
drawn by body's warmth
like moths to a light

weaving word coquettish
graceful was thine dance
static smiles; minus passion's lust
just hollow eyes to fill stilled glance

whither did I stay there?
why the draw so strong?
-a slave to electric urges
held captivated too long

aching arms akimbo
mine heart mumbles out a beat
with lips drawn thin I relinquish and know
that for romance I must call defeat.

gilded wings might come to call
and beg for fun from me.
Aye, tomorrow may,
these dreams I admit to pray,
but for now my passion is me
   and thee

I am late to the table, but my friends at One Shot put out a wonderful gathering of talented poets to pool their creativity amongst. If you have ever wanted to put pen to paper  and spruce some words up into a poem you will love this supportive network. Don't take my word for it though; go enjoy yourself!


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