Tuesday, September 21, 2010

First Moments

new babe
on legs none too sturdy
still blinking away
memories of birth, seemingly early


stunned in moments 
too fresh to comprehend
with a walk round the hay patch
and audience's eyes to lend


Ah, Mama stands close
spent, yet dutifully present
ready to give life eternal
to child's needs in this moment

Your privacy
lost in ticket sales
by unscrupulous flashes
of visitors over the rails

Whilst camera's eye
does pry
can we deny
the eyes of the young
with purity of soul
dipped in a white halo
with vision?

This wobbly newborn drew me in with awe at new life, juxtaposed against the spinning madness of a local fair. I was smitten. 

Tomorrow's poetry fare over at OneShot is already up and running, so head on over and take a peek at the offerings this week. 


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