Thursday, September 16, 2010

Changing of the Seasons

The seasons, they are a changing. Yes, the distinct chill in the air was heralded in with the first of September. It was summer one moment and with the passage of Labour Day, it was Fall. While I wave goodbye sadly to hot summer days and steamy nights where my skin is the only covering that I care to wear, I try not shed too many tears. For I have many loves in the Autumn as well. The changing of seasons allows me to dig out warm sweaters that offer soft hugs. Harvesting goes into overdrive and farmer's markets are awash in colourful produce that I cannot resist. The prospect of toasty fires in my neglected hearth makes me smile. Really, a nice glass of Cabernet Sauvignon cannot be matched to warm up the insides while the fire crackles. Long, hot luxurious bathes are more enjoyable with a chill in the air as well. Ahh. 

One of my favourite things about Fall is the changing colours in the trees around me though. The colour bath buoys my soul and I fill it, knowing that it will all fade to white before I know it. I took advantage of a break in the rain last weekend to wander in a nearby forest. Despite the city continuing on in its noise and busyness just outside the boundaries of this green-space, it all fades away under the forest canopy. I need to breath in the living world around me and pull the energy offered into my soul. I know that I have not fed this need in too long a time. My appreciation of this gift is met with serene smiles. And I breathe.

My children feel it too; I can tell. They stoop down, collecting acorns, leaves and twigs; all potential craft  items. T's eyes constantly scan the ground, until her pockets are bulging with her finds. Even R gets in on the fun, pointing out an apple that she insists I take a picture of.

I love these moments that we have together, carefree and full of life. Friends joined us on this day to take in a breath of Mother Nature. The children laughed and ran throughout the trees. I can certainly understand their joy. 

What's not to love?
I suspect that my wandering is not done for the year, rather that I have wetted my appetite for more. The bliss I feel amongst nature's gifts is just re-kindled into a flame I am drawn to. I must put my nose back to the grindstone of daily life for now, but I share one more image with you that brought peace and smiles to a world that was sorely needed. Enjoy your day and get outside to breath in the crisp air that nourishes us. Be well my friends.

A view that took my breath away


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