Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Beauty of Reflection

I am still a little speechless. The Beauty of Reflection; So wonderful on so many levels. The smile on my face and in my heart speaks volumes to me. To give you some idea as to what I am talking about, gaze into the beautiful sunset above. It is a special place for a special someone who has honoured me today. Marilynn at Celebrating a Year has a beautiful retreat space that she had the pleasure to escape to not once, but twice this past summer. From her words and pictures, I understand why it is a piece of heaven for her. She has chosen an image of this place, that is dear to her heart, to honour myself and a few others with some accolades. It was not something that was handed to her with strings attached to pass it along. Not that there is anything wrong with awards of that kind, but she just offered blessings because she felt like it. No voodoo or superstitions to befall anyone here. She was revelling in the community that she has experienced here in the blog-o-sphere and wanted to share and give back. To be included in her list really touched me and made my day. Marilynn always has lovely pictures to admire on a daily basis, as well as some stunning poetry to share. She even graces us with some exquisite mandolin music on occasion, played by her own hand. Wow! People like her push me to challenge myself with new styles and forms of expression.  Her award on just any old ordinary day, just made mine. I  too appreciate all the kindness that have been shown me from some of you brilliant people. So I send out a huge thank you to Marilynn today. I like your corner of the world and am thrilled that you like mine. If you are interested in hearing some of her music check out her my space page and be treating to mandolin AND bandolin playing at its finest. 


Happy Sunday All! 
Just one more quick note. Another shining star in my world is a bathroom that is resembling one again. While not completely done, I do have a toilet on the main floor again. And it even seems to flush properly again. Wheee! Life is good. Hope your long weekend brings you all you desire too! Now, at the magical hour of 9:21 I think I will retire. Two late nights with a dear friend has left me too pooped to pop. There are a couple of books that are calling my name, but my pillow threatens with sweet slumber as well. Good night...



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