Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tickled Tuesday

While I have not been a regular contributor over at Jingle's poet's rally for the last little while, I was pretty religious about trying to scrape together some bit of prose on Thursdays for her. She has a wonderful assembly of poets that are willing to link up to her rally on a weekly basis and I applaud them all for all their hard  creative work, plus visiting the prescribed number of poets that Jingle suggests every week. I do love the community that she has helped to foster and admire many of the artists she has found. With all the talent that she has visiting her on a weekly basis, I was surprised and honoured to have a visit from her this week announcing that she was offering me another award. I will post the other awards on my award page, but I thought I would highlight this Your Blog Is Grand Award. Thanks again Jingle. You are very kind.

Also to my surprise and delight, I received this beautiful Pink award from Mairmusic. I am not going to do a whole nother post for this beautiful pink award (see here for my recent acceptance speech), but I did want to say a BIG thank you to Marilynn over at Celebrating a Year. She writes divine poetry that is always just beautiful. I also recently discovered that she is a musician and listened to some of her music on her Myspace page. She plays Classical and Brazilian music on mandolin and bandolim. Very cool stuff that is worth a listen! Click here for a sample of some of her beautiful pieces. 

As for me, there is not much to say today. I worked hard painting all day (hardly! HA!), then got invited for dinner for my efforts. The girls and I enjoyed some tasty vittles and wonderful company with dear N, D and E. They are now abed and I believe fell asleep instantly after a busy day of water play at daycare. I think that I shall be following rather shortly. My allergies have begun for the season and they are draining me of all my super-powers. Accepting these beautiful ladies' awards has taken it all out of me. Perhaps I will work on another installment of my African tale for you lovely people, as it seems to be popular around these parts. Bless you all and thank you for all the hugs you offer!!! MMWWAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!


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