Tuesday, July 20, 2010

One Lovely Blog

This one is pretty special.

My bestest bud in blogland and great friend in real life awarded me this beautiful award. Dear C, over at Is That a Promise or a Threat, remains anonymous at large, but her personality speaks volumes on the page.I think she is about my favourite blogger, because she is just so darn honest, candid and writes with such eloquence. Just look at me gush, but I truly love her work!

So anyway, she honoured me with this beautiful award that I gladly accept. Of course she had to tie a few strings around it that I have to pull off before I can hang my beautiful prize. The strings? The usual; list off some things you may not know about me (she had 7, we'll have to see), hand out the award to some fellow bloggers (again a request of 9 that I will do my darndest with), thank my lovely Ms C, which I will do again gladly! MWAH!!! Oh and let you lovely people who I claim as worthy know that I am sharing some love with you (but of course!!) 

So, what do you want to know, I wonder;
  1. Well, there was that time that I was hitchhiking in Namibia and got into a spot of trouble, but I suspect that you will hear that story at some point in the future :)
  2. You know about my toes and I even shared pics recently, but did you know that I had some serious Little Orphan Annie curls (BAD, Bad perm!) going on with glasses that took over my entire face back in elementary school? Can we say super-geek? No, those photos will not be up any time soon.
  3. Not only was I teacher's pet in Grades 7 & 8 (same teacher), with top marks in the class, but at my grade 8 graduation Mr. Matthews came over and asked me to dance. In front of everyone!Well, to be honest, I didn't really think anyone ever looked at me back then, but still! A sweet moment till I got a look at the photos my Mom took afterwards. I laugh now, but I think I was a little mortified that it appeared  he was looking right down my pretty little pink strapless frou frou dress (probably seeing the floor for lack of anything to block the view). It wasn't like that. REALLY!
  4. Whew! That was a long one. Okay, so my family is in agreement that I am just a teensy wee bit long-winded on occasion. Nasty buggers. I am going to leave it at that.
  5. I have my Therapeutic Touch and Reiki level one cetificates. Come on over and I will give you a session! We all need a little loving kindness now and again.
  6. Goodness, I am beginning to sweat here. Uhmm, I live on a corner lot and know 9 immediate neighbours by name (but don't always pick the right one - I truly suck with remembering names. Sorry!). Awesome neighbourhood!
  7. ooh! got to seven. That wasn't so bad. So the 7th thing that you may not know about me (and may not care about) is that ...
So, what of my lovely blogging friends out there that I would like to honour and maybe get a little bit more dirt on;
  1. Hey Suzi, she's so fine. She's so fine, she blows my mind hey Suzicate! Alas she is on holidays, so might not be responding any time soon, but I just wanted to say that she is a fine writer, poet and offers a lot of support to the little people out there.
  2. I have picked on Ron before too, but he is such a funny guy that I cannot NOT include him in my list. Go read him at Vent, if you can still read after wiping the tears of laughter from your eyes you will see what I mean. Love you Ron! XX
  3. I suspect that Nicole might not post this up, but she really does have some fabulous photo journeys and craft ideas over at GardenMama. She can show you how to make anything you find in your yard edible or into a nifty craft that people of all ages can appreciate (well mostly me and my kids)
  4. Speaking of photos, there is always a tonne here at The Dowser's Daughter. Joanny has some exquisite photos usually accompanied by just as exquisite poetry. Just a beautiful site.
  5. And I just got a comment response that almost made me cry it was so sweet. There is a dear sweet lady over at EarthMama, who also collaborates on another thoughtful blog at Threading Light. There are days when I am feeling down and less than positive about the road in front of me. I can almost always go to either of her blogs and feel uplifted by the fact that I have been offered this gift called life. Thank you Lisa for being you.
  6. I have recently been introduced to the witty repartee over at Eternally Distracted and couldn't be happier. Here is another anonymous blogger, but through reading her words you would think that you'd know her anyway. She is another pretty funny lady that I can trust to give me a laugh and I can always use that!
  7. Just to read her responses I am going to introduce you to Jannie Funster as well. She loves beer, donuts and writes her own music. What's not to like?

and I think I am going to take a page out of dear Madame C's book and end my list there. I tried to give a mix of people that I wander through on a pretty regular basis. There are many more fabulous blogs out there, but I am discovering new ones every day. I am going to give a brief nod to Brian as well (C had him in her list, so I won't pick on him again, but he is uber-super), but trust that you will find your own faves as you wander through this big, great home we call the blog-o-sphere.

And not to toot my horn too loudly, but I also got this pretty award from Jingle as well. I am just feeling the love all over. Peace to you and
Have a wonderous New Day.


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