Monday, July 19, 2010

Going on a Mushroom Hunt

Bulbous, round
Yellow, Brown
Poison or Edible?
No clues to be found.

Grown up overnight;
Thy wee toadstool
with pensive stalk
doth flared in day's light.

At home on dappled forest floor.
Pine needles and leaves
rampant company until
siblings join for more.

My daughter's find
with pure delight. Noted growth 
and heeded care with tent
 placement we remind.

respect and awe
my bio-friendly child; Joy!
My love found in your rapture.


My daughter found this little mushroom and we watched it grow seemingly overnight. It started small and thin, then flared almost before our eyes. She begged to borrow my camera to photograph it. How not to resist such guileless charms? I am glad I acquiesced though. As the days passed, she noted that another mushroom was sprouting beside its brother. She was enchanted with the beginning of this faery ring and we made a point to erect a newly bought and larger tent  at a safe distance to these magical fungi. I cherish her respect for nature and truly make all attempts to inspire it. I did a little searching and think that I can identify this species;
   Amanita muscaria* -- This is a beautiful, bright yellow mushroom with white spots or patches on its cap and a ring and bulbous base.

P.S. If I am correct, this beautiful little treasure is poisonous. I will have to advise my daughter of this, as she is always keen to know what is edible in the natural world  around her. As I tell her though, please always check before eating anything of questionable lineage. 
Happy Mushroom hunting!


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