Saturday, July 3, 2010

Away at Mom's for weekend Fun!

Away at Mom's for weekend fun.


   We have flown the coop to far-away lands for the holidays. Gone on a three-hour tour, not to return until the thrum of traffic lulls to my liking. Well, something like that. We are approximately that far from home to celebrate Canada Day with my Mom and Dad. The kitties will be irked with us being gone, but friends will come to tend to them and the house (I will find distasteful presents placed oh so delicately on my pillow if not) while we frolic in Lake Couchiching and surrounding areas. I hope not to bring too much campfire stench home with me to make you sniff, but excuse me if I do. Hopefully I have remembered to pack my Muskoka dinner jacket with me. Happy Saturday and have a good weekend!

P.S. If that is me, I have had WAY too much to drink this weekend and won't be back tomorrow. OY, VEI!


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