Thursday, June 10, 2010

Let us dance

Old friends walking
down yesterday's path
   follow the curve
      of memories
         into today's light.

What binds past
moments into present
   days of bliss
      worth sharing anew
          with all of you?

Serenity, comfort,
peace and praise
   All a piece
      worth carving out
         specks of time for.

Distant paths
converge and blend
   similarities both stark,
     nay insignificant
         hold words wrapped with hugs.

Today meters on with
lines drawn further
   along the page
      of history's rhythm
         into tomorrow's remembering.

Stay forever
in my mind perchance
   to give me youth,
      today's presence
         and infinite mortality.

Let us Dance ~

I am honoured to once again receive the perfect poet award from Jingle. This award is for Week 21 of Thurdsay's Poet's Rally.  If you dabble in any poetry yourself, be sure to pop by her site and link up. There are some fabulous poets to be read! This entry is for week 22 of the Poet's Rally.


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