Monday, June 21, 2010

Sunshine in your hands

Delicious berries
ripe on fingers and wet mouths
Don't weigh us on scales

Strawberry short cake
dessert made for whipped cream queens
sunshine in your hands

Red, red mess of jam
success triumphed together
stirred with pride and love

today work away
 frozen berry daiquiri
rewards tomorrow


  1. Mmmm! I like that reward! :)

  2. haha. i think i like those rewards...smiles. i remember canning and jamming with mom...


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    plus 3 general,
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  4. MMMMM...strawberries in the hand arelike a fist full of sunshine and magic rolled into one!

  5. Yummy....strawberry short cake!!!!

    Absolutely one of my FAVORITE sweets in the whole wide world!

    Listen, if you have any left, could you email me a piece?

    Tee, hee!

    LOVE this poem!

  6. *I've got berries in the freezer and visions of delicious bevvies in mind for the weekend Me.
    *I am trying to interest the girls in canning too Bryan. Last year I got pretty into it. The jam was the first of many canning sessions for the season :)
    *thanks Jingle
    *You are so right suzi!
    *I would say that your's is in the mail Ron, but I would be lying... All the left-overs are in my belly, filling in the extra spaces around my belt. Next time!!! (yeah right, dessert is MY favourite)


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