Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Stream

I love your song.
Sing to me. The trickling tune is magic.
I am mesmerized by your look,
   your sound.

You hold joy and tears
and memories I know
and do not know.
   Run on forever.

The sky fills with white puffs of cloud
slowly dancing down to your surface.
In slow motion, they descend
   And surround you and I.

I am at peace with you.
You are serenity
and more.
   The clouds know it and so do I.

We must all watch as the sun disappears.
The frogs give serenade,
but you continue your song;
   a lullaby for time.

With a star signalling night
I depart from your song,
but hold it in my heart, as a dream.
   My touch with a feeling I can never name.

I love you song.
Good night
clear and gentle stream
   of my life.

This is a poem revisited for Jingles Poet's Rally. May nature touch your soul and glow.


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