Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sensational Saturday

Sensational Saturday slays shameful seasonal slump.

Playing along at six word Saturday. My weekend is shaping up to be the best ever in fly-by-the-seat-of-your- pants happenings. Yesterday was spontaneous hot dog smörgåsbord and fun. Today, we gathered dirt, a mop head (that the kids insisted I use right away. HA! NOT!!!), yard bags and new plants salvaged from a garden going by the wayside. That morphed into lunch, which switched into digging and planting. Neighbours appeared and conversation ensued. I am a natural for being long-winded, so soon enough the dinner hour arrived. So did dinner! I schmoozed up steak, hot dogs, burgers, salad and beer, but tried to counter with offerings of shrimp and new plantlets (euphorbia and black-eyed susan). Not sure if that is a fair offering, but I presented all I knew about the grand big world of the blog-o-sphere as after dinner conversation. Probably painful to the not inclined, but they humoured me with  their interest and plied me with more beer. So I stayed. Sensational. Need say no more. Hope your Saturday slayed too.


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