Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm in the money!

   Ok, I am just going to share a little secret here. I am so excited! I have another small, wee little job. I had a meeting this morning and it looks like some computer work is coming my way. Change is good (ohm!) and this will fill a few more hours of my week. The challenge will be to multi-task a wee smidge more, but baby steps I can do. It will have me at the computer, versus the paint brush, but I am already familiar here in the world wide web. I cannot really say much more about it right now unfortunately. It is too fresh a concept and I have to wrap my head around it a little more. I have to let the newness sink in; "Let it marinate", as a friend likes to say. Suffice it to say that my newest paying gig will have a dribble more money coming in (and NO I don't have to disrobe or anything crazy like that to do it!), which in the long run enables me to stay home a while longer with my darling babies. All about the kiddos, right! I wish you a prosperous Wednesday. I have some quick research to do, then off to let the world's troubles slide off my back onto the yoga mat. Peace to you...


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