Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ghost Rhythms

The ring leader was missing tonight.
He was not there to beat his drum.
He did not share his gentle smile.
His rhythmic tones set me adrift,
   but no I cannot cry.

My rhythm man did not join the samba.
He did not stamp a conga groove.
He was not part of the percussion.
His agile hands failed to set the mood,
   but no I did not sigh.

Men and women in a circle
all with hearts so pure to share.
Came together with a purpose;
Making music with a flair;
   and yes your spirit still did fly!

Dear, sweet friend
with smooth, pure vibes.
You have raised me up
on days low in faith's  ride.
   I drum for you.

and every night
that the rhythm 
through chaos' pores
I drum for you.

I cannot walk down life's paths alone
when my friend's heart
 holds quiet
my sodden tears and fears.
I drum for you.

I drum for you,
 to come together.
I drum for me,
to release.
I drum for the world
to make it better
I drum.
I pray.
I drum.

This little jem is from week 18 at Jingle's poet's rally. 
She has it going every week, so you can stop by and check out some of the fantastic poets she has found here. I nominate Megzone for this week as she comes up with something different all the time and makes it work! Thanks for visiting.


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