Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bloomin Fun

I am pooped from a weekend away. I piled the children and myself into the van and pointed us in the direction of...

The plan was to go and visit an old  friend of mine for the weekend. Despite an extraordinarily long wait at the border (I mean really, what is the point of an hour and a half wait!), we finally arrived with warm hugs aplenty offered all around. We were out of the van for maybe fifteen minutes, before jumping back into it to head to destination BBQ by the lake. 

The kids all had wonderful fun testing the waters. A little on the cold side yet for swimming, as the ice was not that distant a memory, but it did not deter them. They splashed and giggled until burgers and dogs disappeared along with the sun. We thanked our hosts and departed for the night to tuck little ones into bed. A gathering was already planned for the next evening, and much visiting needed to be done. The day passed in welcome comfort and soon enough the sun bid good day again. New faces entered the scene with more kids in tow.  Food and drinks flowed along with much  laughter. Too soon it was time to head for home though (we stretched our visiting hours to the max staying up until the very wee hours ~4am). More hugs and waves goodbye.

Michigan did not want to relinquish its hold too fast though (the border killed me this weekend with another hour wait on the way home. Geez!). I made it though. And I look forward to crawling into my own bed for a good night's sleep back in Canada. Welcome home to me. 


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