Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Weather Forecast

storm rattles windows
fat flakes freeze across my face
no shadows for spring?

}{ }{ }{

Tomorrow is Groundhog day. That means that Wiarton Willie is supposed to come out of his hole and look around. If he sees his shadow, he is supposed to scurry back into his hole and hibernate, leading us to six more weeks of winter. With no shadow, conceivably he should be more comfortable and therefore stick around to check out the outside world. The ordained meaning of this is that spring is right around the corner.

Well, checking out weather reports that are flying across radio airwaves, as well as other forms of media information, I suspect that dear Willie will not be leaving his hole at all. With Blizzard warnings in effect and 25-35cm of snow forecasted, Willie's hole is going to be buried pretty deep. A toasty warm burrow is where I will be hunkered in tomorrow, but I will listen to see what Willie has to say. 

What think you? Is there any end in sight to this Winter?


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