Wednesday, November 17, 2010

to all that dare...

full of sunshine and smiles
(perchance that vitamin D
doth work?)
I brave the soggy stares
of myriad sombre folk.

November rain
is not to blame,
as clouds have only dropped
scant cool reserves
to shatter soul's sentinel refrains.

Nay, the gray
coat of depression lay
in another's arms
far from the weather's watch,
I do surmise.

Not for me to say
what causes this sad foray
rather perk up my orb
and throw Mama's ball of bliss
at the drowsy midlins that  surround me

turn that frown upside down!!
doe-si-doe down the middle!

All of you now;
let's kick up our heels
and let out a holler
for a release with a bray
unclogs energy fodder

I am stamping my feet
and raising arms high
searching for giggles
with my antics;
I try

a final whoop
another flung jig
sweat wiped from my brow
I bow and curtsy
for this fine shindig

What, you didn't know
that the party was in town?
Why it's Wednesday eve!
and the Oneshot crew
is having their slamdown!

I must hurry now
if I want to add mine
the clock's ticking down
and Midnight's curfew
is where they draw the line.

So join in the fun
and throw some words in the air
generous hearts wait to catch them
offering praise and courage
to all that dare...

Okay you good folk. It is late and I am no expert on this medium, but I have made an attempt at a reading.


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