Monday, November 15, 2010


   A friend has arrived on my doorstep. She has flown the coop, if you will, in order to put her life in perspective. We sat fireside last night and talked and talked, drinks in hand and hearts on our sleeves. I cannot solve her problems, but I can listen. And feel. A life in flux is a familiar theme as of late and I offer what I can to those that I care about. I offer me, what little wisdom I have, when I can. It is what I do.

   I suspect that more words will flow as the day progresses. I left my friend to catch up on sleep, while I coffeed up to fuel myself for the day ahead. It might be a long day. I start the day with this song and it feels right to share today. Enjoy and I hope that your life gains insight in some little curve of it. Peace friends.


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