Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Leaving the Light on

I sit in the silence of my own creation. 
for  this,
I am grateful. 
I have peace in my little space.
My tears, a dear memory
held close to my heart.
They are a piece of my ever- following soul,
but they do not own me 

tears of dismay 
flow heavy.
Too many shattered ghosts
treading through carefully crafted worlds
fallen apart
from false promises.
fine spirits spun out in flux 
on yesterday's prayers forgotten

I held love in my hand,
not perfect,
not always soft, kind or cuddly,
but steadfast and strong.
Is it so hard to believe
that my lumpen love
was the rarest golden ember
that others beseech,
reach for its flawed facets
when that ember speaks to all?

I hear the echo.
I see the waves that ripple 
through times turbulent
remember well my "enough?"
and feel
whimpering for those lost
that I cannot help
or point the way for,
but know
 that I will hold my light out to forever.

Swirling winds of separation
seem to be the norm in my friendship circle at present.
It makes me thoughtful and sad
for those walking that path of thorns
~loving thoughts sent to you all~


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