Sunday, November 21, 2010

Just Desserts

1 hour drive
Life-guarding 4 kids, 5 & under
ham devoured
birthday cake & pie chaser
1 Caesar, 1 glass  each of red  & ice wine, 3 sambukas
1 big hangover as reward

That is my Sunday 160
for you and Monkey Man
there are precious few other words rolling around in my noggin this evening
coulda used one less beer last night methinks


  1. Oh but in the moment it sounded like it was so worth your pleasure...


  2. Hahaha...where would the fun have been in that? Live in the moment, that's what I say! :)

  3. hehe...serves you right...smiles.

    but it was worth it right?

  4. Ugh, the worst is waking up & knowing that while it was great fun at the time, as the day progresses it will just get harder and harder to cope. I believe that it is bedtime in my world.

    * Thanks for visiting Joanny. It was, but I hate the morning after
    * Thanks for hosting MM
    * Yes well, the end of last night's moments got kind of hazy C. Probably for the best :}
    * It does indeed Brian. I don't seem to have much control when it comes to family get-togethers. Alwasy fun though. :]

  5. Ah, yes-- but moderation isn't a very exciting road to follow ;-)

  6. hope that hangover is getting better...the bright side is simply that it's temporary :)

  7. lol! Sounds like fun (maybe a bit too much) was had by one and all :)

  8. think i would've needed a glass of red wine as well..smiles

  9. * True that Marilynn, but the repercussions, oh the repercussions!

    * I will survive Caty. And yes, thank God it is just temporary!

    * Go big or go home was the motto of the night Talon! :)

    * I think that one less something might have been in order, but I just have a wide palate that enjoys many foods and drinks that gets me into trouble. No harm, no foul! :P


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