Friday, November 5, 2010

If it's Yellow...

Voila!”, he proclaimed.

A small, blue oval was held aloft by the end of the needle-nose pliers.

“This was your problem,” he stated, as rain drizzled on our heads bent over the upside-down toilet lying in the grass.
My eyes grew large, as recognition hit me.


“Darling, little angels,” I exclaimed to his laughter.
Marbulous Marble Run

Oh G-man, that was my tale of woe for you in 55 words. 

Seen here is the blue disk discovered in its foiled escape from my house
The Tale of my Toilet: Yes, my darling little angels were the ones at fault for all my loo's woes. Just as I expected! The little blue oval  was the landing pad for the marble game game shown above. It was wedged in the last bend of my commode's siphon tube, trying desperately to be flushed out to sea. Alas, all it was doing was backing up water and whatever other contents were placed into the latrine, ahem. My tale does not have a shitty ending though, as life has returned to normal in the workings of my lavatory. And if you will excuse me, I think that the WC/Dunny/Privy is calling...

and remember, "If it's yellow, let it mellow. If it's brown flush it down" So says Wikipedia, and so say I.

Bwahahaha! Happy Friday!!


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