Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mid-Summer Reflections

Hello my friends. Good of you to stop by today. I have had a wonderful summer thus far, full of relaxing by the beach, visiting with family and friends, gardening and whatever whatnot that has held my fancy. I have to admit though, that works has been the last thing on my mind. Not exactly true, as I have thought about it, but just have not undertaken much paid employment. Things are about to change a little bit in that respect though, which I have to admit is probably a good thing. My little bee in the picture knows the value of a little labour. I think it is time I did too. This might mean a few less posts here, as I will be doing writing for others so my brain might be empty at the end of the day. As this has been my focus for the last couple of days, I don't feel an awful lot of inspiration today. Since I didn't post yesterday, I had to pop by for a few minutes anyway though. I thought I would take you for a wander through my garden today for a change in pace. I hope you are having a happy week, be it productive or relaxing. Enjoy!

Balloon flowers still blooming

These delicate little flowers were a gift that I was allowed by a dear woman that I gardened for last year. Their beauty  and hardiness remind me of her every time I look at them.

My butterfly bush hoping to attract a few winged friends to the garden.

 These unique sunflowers have a heady honey scent that is tempting for bees and me alike.

A green zebra tomato that is almost ripe. I cannot wait to taste this heirloom variety and hopefully save a seed or two so we can continue to preserve its quality.

This little gourd is compliments of last year's leftover Thanksgiving display. I cannot wait to see what colour it ends up and how big it grows!
Another heirloom variety plant picked up from the Gathering on the Green in the spring. This is the second eggplant I will have got from this plant thus far. I bought the plant on a whim, but my first taste was pure Yum!
and a little more sunshine at the end of the day
peeking through the black-eyed Susan.


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