Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring is On The Rise

The smell of flowers fills the air 
A heady scent which none can compare. 
In colours red, yellow and pink,
a rainbow that I deign to drink.

Soft and bright upon my eyes
touching soul, I do surmise 
Smoothing ruffles left from dull
winter doldrums swept clean and full. 

Ah, sweet Spring is on the rise 
along with life's new enterprises
I dream a dream of new love found 
and awaken feeling its embrace profound. 

Smiles and sunshine fill me up 
enough to sate an old wound's crux 
And grief is left in winter's wake 
to remind us of the season's slake.

I shall not dwell in that cold house 
feeding a sorrow I do espouse 
For I now stand upon my feet 
facing a life that I do entreat 

with the smell of fresh flowers
in an air that empowers 
a new colourful life begins 
and is surrounded by nature's grins.

Now I hold pure blessings to Spring 
in all of its worth and all that it brings 
Naked I come and offer my soul 
and prostrate give thanks for a long journey's toll



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