Friday, March 23, 2012

3-Ply Morning

The sound of birds chirping outside her open window reminded her that spring had arrived, seemingly overnight. She smelled fresh earth and new life in the breezy air. Pushing the curtains aside, something appeared not quite right with the seemingly pastoral scene though.

Spring had obviously awoken the funny bone of local teens as well…


Well G-Man, I had been living in a warmth-induced paradise, resplendent in yellows, greens, pinks and more until this bit of white appeared in the tree this week. I hope that some Mother gives her kids shit for using up the last role of 3-ply. It seems such a waste!

Ah, to be a teen again and delight in such juvenile pranks. After snapping a few pics I had to take it down though, as the forecast had been predicting rain. Nothing worse than trying to pull soggy t-p out of a tree (I would think anyway!).

I've been PAPERED!
heehee  =:-D


  1. hehe...i might have in my day spun a little tissue around a tree or two.....

    1. @Brian: Frig dude! The least you could have done was knocked on the door and asked to share a beer with me!

  2. Hahahaha...could have been worse. You could have been egged. Or been the recipient of a flaming bag of dog poo...snort. Sorry. Can't help it, that is kind of funny. :)

    PS - I was hit, so now I've tagged you! Details are HERE.

    1. @Me: I have to admit, it was kind of funny. :) (made better in the fact that I didn't have to unpaper it either - loving the new man!!! :D)

  3. "Spring had obviously awoken the funny bone of local teens as well…"

    Bwhahahahhahahahaha! OMG...that is so FUNNY, Katherine.

    Reminds me of when I was a kid and papered the neighbors houses during Halloween!

    Enjoy this Spring, my friend!

    And have a SUPER weekend!


    1. @Ron: So it was you AND Brian that made a road trip into my neighbourhood for some early morning shenanigans!! You buggers! Just keep laughing, until I figure out how to get you back
      teehee ;p

  4. Yep, being egged is much worse. Aren't you wondering why you were the target? Intriguing...

  5. Kat...
    Do the neighborhood teens have a crush on YOU?
    I certainly can see why...hehehehe
    Loved your 55
    Question: A Couger is a Kat right?
    Thanks for playing, and thanks for memories of my wayward youth...Have a Kick Ass Week-End

  6. A sort of out of season prank - usually the eggings and the paperings go hand-in-hand with Halloween.

    Wasn't that a glorious week of pre-summer? We're back to the usual now, but it was lovely while it lasted!

    Have a beautiful weekend, Katherine!

  7. Has Trick-Or-Treat become a First of Spring Feast as well? (Most of the UK trees look like that most of the time . . plastic once-use supermarket bags)

  8. This is wonderfully fun! Bummer to clean up though :(


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