Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Spring Breeze

A warm wind kisses 
the crab apple tree
shaking off the winter-
pinched memories.

I smile in the sunshine,
loose hair in the breeze
An awakening of new days
that are sure to please.

Old friends return
to spruce up a nest
cooing in the morning,
as their name doth suggest

Tiny sprigs of newness
Little signs of life.
If I look hard enough
everywhere tis rife

Now behold, I spy a mirror
and in it, mine own eyes.
They sparkle with a mystery
Rebirth, I cry surprised!

Floating on a moon beam
Dancing through the dawn
I'm dreaming of a fresh start
Fie old devils, begone!

I wrap myself in lover's threads
sustained on potions sweet
This spring I find a lease on life
a gift from time to entreat.


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