Monday, January 31, 2011

Walk This Way

Brett was sitting at a table with a ridiculously huge grin on his face and a beer in front of him.
“Hey Mate!” he exclaimed, as he weaved his way to standing to give me a hug. “Good ta see ya! I’ve been to the Carlsberg Brewery.”
The crooked smile on his face gave proof that the tour had been a good one. I couldn’t help, but laugh. I ordered a beer and sank into the chair across from him to hear what he had been up to since I saw him last a few days ago. The 14-hour bus ride slowly slipped off my shoulders as I watch him giggle and titter. He was pretty soused and very willing to talk. Not sure if it was his silly grin or just being off the bus in general, but I was pretty happy to see him.
“…and then I jumped up on a chair and was just grabbing handfuls of them. The other bloke was waving a net around and catching mitt-fuls of ‘em! It was awesome!” he spluttered.
“Grasshoppers?” I queried. “Why? What were they going to do with them?”
“Why, eat ‘em of course!” Brett laughed.
My face contorted in a grimace and I could not be help but exclaim “ew”
He cackled and slapped his knee. He really was quite drunk and funny to watch.
Brett went on to explain. “They come across the lake this time of year and people go bananas! It is a feast for everyone. They scrape the little buggers off the walls, and floors, and wherever, then toss them into a little oil to fry‘em up.”
“Blah!” I exclaimed, as he shook with laughter again. “How many did you catch?”
“Hundreds of “em mate!” he said. “They were everywhere! It was excellent fun.”
I shook my head and smiled at his enthusiasm.
“Tomorrow, I will take you to the market so you can try some,” he said.
I wasn’t so sure I was interested in trying grasshoppers, but replied “we’ll see” to appease him. We sat in the bar until Brett’s stories became illegible and I had a pleasant glow on. He kept on rambling on about this and that until I had to pack him up and take him back to the hostel. I promised him that I would try grasshoppers when we went to the market the next day, still shaking my head at his animation. The way he talked, they were like manna from heaven, but I would find out for myself.

Oh, and really, they aren’t manna at all. While I did pull off their wings, I was not instructed to pull off their legs, so couldn’t get beyond them “walking” down my throat. Yeah, not my idea of a delicacy I’m afraid. You should try it if you get a chance though. They are a great source of protein! You might like it. 


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