Monday, August 16, 2010

Some Days

Some days,
 I want to hiss and burble
splurting old rusted words
and tears everywhere
as I break my rotting hold
on existence
that has gone beyond
its expiry date.

Some days,
no amount of
trying, tape or trauma
can revive
past due promises
that remember
those shiny hopes
of yesterday's beginnings.

Some days,
I pray 
for the pipes to burst,
the dam to flow 
so i can rip out 
my old decayed heart
filled with detritus and disease.
Aye; yet replace with plumbing brilliant and new.

Some days...

Some days,
I ponder
wondering what to write
thus I visit friends
and pick up inspiration
where I may
like today
with my visit to Magpie Tales.


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