Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Foggy Fuzzy Thoughts

Just about ready to crawl into bed. NO, I lie. I am ready. A cat is snoring away beside me and I wonder why I am not doing the same as of yet. I was up late doing some editing on some writing that I have been plugging away at and hope to turn into a book one day. I love the process, but wish that I could just sit and write, write, write while the words are flowing until I am done. Unfortunately, things like the clock ticking past 1am and the knowledge that two little girls will crawl into bed with me in the AM regardless of what time I go to bed, stops the flow. Then I need to find my muse and mo again. Not tonight though. Both cats are in. I finally returned a call to my sister and should get up in the morning for a potential play date that may or may not materialize. Hopefully my mind will co-operate and just fall asleep instead of swirling around images of what a working world looks like and how I can coordinate it. 

Not even going to go there.  Before retiring for the evening I am going to share some of my recent Becky Home-ecky moments. Here are the fruits of my labours from last week. On the left is some of the batch of sweet pickles I recently made and the right is a one of the jars of dill pickles that is ear-marked for a friend of mine that loved my garlic dills from last year. Put in your orders folks! The corn is tempting me to try my hand at corn relish. The peaches beg to be concocted into an array of yumminess from Peach Amaretto Butter (last year's was delicious but more like syrup- great on pancakes), to peach jam or maybe even peach pickles? Hmm... Must go to sleep. I can dream of my canner and smile.

P.S. This probably wasn't worth the effort of popping by today and I apologize for that, but I will try harder again later. Peace out...


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