Friday, August 27, 2010

Busy as a Bee

I have a house full of people. Yesterday I was a busy bee running to pick my aunt up from my Mother's house so that she could visit for the weekend. She is visiting from BC.

Things might be backwards around these parts for a few days while we visit. Today we will just be hanging around. A friend of mine is in hospital for an operation, so her daughter was here for a sleepover last night. Pizza and movies were up for entertainment last night. Today is scheduled down-time.

So while it might be painful at times, I don't think you will see as much of me for the next few days. I might be around, but weather depending we could hit the beach for sun and fun. A farmer's market might provide a spell of entertainment. The Aberfoyle Antique Market is calling my name. All good fun, but I will miss you all terribly. I promise to come visiting as soon as the house clears out again. In the meantime my friends, I wish you all a fantastic weekend. MWAHHH!!!



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