Thursday, June 24, 2010

A poet's life

Well, it looks like the Poet's Rally at Jingle's is no more. As her closing last hurrah, she posted up the Poet of May Awards. I will take it to display with pride. I know that for whatever issues Jingle has, she worked very hard at the rally that she organized. I find it amazing that she always managed to visit so many poets and always find even more every week. She was diligent about commenting and visiting everyone that joined the rally, which I applaud her for. She also visited all participants after the rally was done to personally hand out any awards. I hope for her sake that the troubles that have befallen her give her opportunity for pause, reflection, change and regrowth. She inspired many and created a great community where people could come together to appreciate each others work. For that reason and because I know that others have appreciated my work, I post the Celebrate the Poets of May award and congratulate everyone who put themselves out there for so many to appraise and praise over the days, weeks and months past. May your love of poetry continue to flourish.

the words within me
flow freely,
soar softly
not for thee,
although I love that you see.

I hold heart exquisitely,
with words that flee
across pages free
every time I want to be
heard lovingly.

For it is ME
that I write for
that heals my soul
that needs release 
and finds it 
with the words on the page.

You are just along 
for my ride,
but I hope you enjoy
the journey.


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