Monday, April 5, 2010

Where Am I?

Where am I?
   I have left the confines of my home in South-Western Ontario. For a hint on where, we are two hours from our doorstep.  I am wandering with the kids in tow. Oh where, oh where did we go?

Do you think that we are here? Anybody guess where this is?

Now where am I? Is this scenic location two hours from my home?

I have been here before, but not today. Honeymoon capital of the world, it is nick-named. Can you guess this watery location?

One more place I have seen up close. Magnificent to be sure, but can you guess where?

Now this is where I was hanging today,
staring at the world below us with awe at the tiny pieces of our world.

The claim of tallest freestanding structure is what it says on the advertisements.
Can you guess,
Where I am?


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