Monday, March 5, 2012


icy orbs blue
flow through you
attached to my heart
through mine own eyes, what a start!

I see true
what I want from you,
but wonder if we ever part
whether you'll still be my sweetheart?

It all seems so new
as life dips, sways and brews.
Ach, I am smitten with your dashing art-
ful ways that promise eternal love to impart

my cold resolve at strength is lost
given freely, heedless of this cost


A far cry from 250 words. This poem is even farther from 500 and there doesn't really appear to be even a lick of fiction in there, but I managed to throw in "lost", which is the prompt for this week's new meme hosted by Stranger and Me. If you are interested in checking out their new writing challenge, every Monday they have a new prompt to inspire a "Mostly Fiction" piece. They would love it if you checked it out and be even happier if you joined in!

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