Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Drip in Time

So does this mean that winter is done? 

Not likely, as the good folks in Illinois have some winter weather headed my way tonight. Just when I was beginning to believe that rascally groundhog that suggested that Spring was on the way, the weatherman declares that we will get 10-15cm of snow tonight and into tomorrow. I have seen more grass than snow this winter, but about once a week we get a taste of Arctic airs again. Apparently, its on the way for another blast!

The 2C we had today was pretty sweet though. Mmm Spring, I feel you around the corner! I even pruned my butterfly and burning bushes today, just to feel like a gardener again. It helps that I wrote an article about pruning trees in the winter yesterday, I guess. Nice to have the sunshine on my face though.

Back to the harsh reality that it is still February in Canada at present. There is a snowfall warning for Middlesex county that is threatening to be the biggest storm of the season! Oh joy! Back into the snowpants again!!

Maybe tomorrow I will post pictures of my winter wonderland and the transformation that we go through. Excuse me while I go throw some of the mud-caked mitts into the next load of laundry in anticipation. Can't forget my warm woolly hat!

So, what's the weather like in your neck of the woods?


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