Sunday, May 8, 2011

Snapshot of my Past

Mother's Day 2005
Sun shone.
gentle and mild
plastered faces in smiles
My first Day.

Eyes held a beginning tale
that would conclude 2 years later
when Daddy faded
from this picture

(Aw shucks, that isn't a very happy mother's day poem is it? The pic was taken on my first mother's day; a few weeks after Daddy was diagnosed with cancer. Daddy's kind of help to make Mother's Day more special, so even though it is supposed to be a day to celebrate me, I tend not to be so excited. I know my girlies have special treats for me though, so I will do my best to smile for them & be a happy mommy)

Happy Mother's Day to You
& Happy Sunday 160.
Go visit some of the other folks
who link in and get your fill
of reading about Mommy's praises
as I am sure they will abound.


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