Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Rainbow

green orb
fills my head
leaking indigo
through my hair,
down my shoulders.
I struggle to breath
as I always do.
too wrapped
up  in  relaxing 
to know how
to just be.

Red sparks
pulse to pink blankets
gently resting on my chest
warming that stitched together
semblance of a 
heart that
no longer beats.
The  sun  rises
golden yellow filling mine eyes,
chest and radiating out thine arms
to fill the room. 
It breathes for me.

melting the tight knots
of yesterday's cares & dreams
Until orange remains
that tender power
wisping its way in to fill
what remains of my 
allowing them
to kindle and fire
a belly not known to 
as icy hands
smooth wrinkles
in swollen knee joints
and my eyes open 
to a day changed
by the breath
and love

A Metta Meditation offered today
May you be safe from inner and outer harm
May you be filled with peace and loving kindness
May you be filled with strength and health all of your days

I need to practice this myself today,
but offer loving kindness to you
and the world as well.
Peace my friends


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