Thursday, May 5, 2011

I Have Succumbed...

I tried. I really did. I dragged my feet, refused to jump on the bandwagon, and swore it would lead to no good!

 I didn’t even look at it. Not a peep!

But the pressure grew. 


I give up! You win!

You can now find me on Twitter @KatherineKrige

( ^ )

There. A measly 55 words for you folk who have pushed me to the brink of sanity. Now I will never get any work done, sleep or probably even see my family ever again! 

Twitter! Why have you forsaken me!!!

Oh G-Man, what does the future hold now? I shall just have to avoid any more work for the day and tweet out all of the Flash 55s I come across at your place. 

(Please Lord save me from the social media world I have been sucked into. I am weak!)
But Geez its FUN!


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