Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

This post
is number 500!
(minus the deleted entry due to spam up the ying-yang)
-aside from a picture of Grandma, you aren’t missing anything
I have also
been scribbling
My thoughts & ramblings
for two years
As of the end of March
(1st post - March 30th, 2009)
Exciting Times At
>< >< ><

Those are my 55 words for G-Man
but I thought I would celebrate
by re-posting a few pics
of the woman behind the
blinking cursor

Taken during renos that got a lot of blog play back in Jan 2010

There I am with my boyfriend on a date away from the computer

Loafing again - From Dec 2010 snowstorm

A Delightful take of me from Christmas 2010 (must have had a few drinks that day!)

Aha, the missing photo!
Now you are all caught up.

so grab a glass of something yummy,
as its Friday night
and I think
the fact that I have kept at this little writing experiment
for two years!
is worth celebrating!

may tomorrow bring you the heart
and wisdom that you desire


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