Monday, January 10, 2011

To Arnie


1972 VW Kombi Van

January 8th, 1995 - April 13th, 1996

He served us well
and always came through
in times of need

·         left Cape Town Jan 15/95
·         filled up at 31 km
·         discovered gas leak, speedo stopped at 81 km
·         got bolt stuck in tire – R10 fix
·         lost starter motor between Durban and Swaziland (near False Bay)
o   later to discover that it was the ignition that was giving us grief all along
·         gashed hole in exhaust in Mozambique between Vilanculos and Beira (see “The Worst Road in Africa”)
o   muffler sealant applied later in Masvingo with little effect
·         various scratches from several game parks
·         some new rust from ocean-side  journeys (and a distinct lack of washing)
·         door slider started to go around Hwange (an up-front and personal account of the ramifications at “Happy Tourists”)
·         losing power on the way to Hwange; revving high, popping out of first gear
o   equated to tempers running high and popping for the occupants of Arnie as well
·         Survived it all!
·         chugged into Pietersburg
·         sold Arnie April 13th, 1996

That was our Arnie, just a little more faded and worn around the edges


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