Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Nothing Says I Love You Like...

Nothing Says I Love You Like A Skull Ornament

I have to preface this post today. I hang out with some interesting people. Some wonderfully, loving, artistic folks, that sometimes have a slightly skewed bent to them. ahem, a little of the macabre, if you will. Yes, they create cute little kitty cats, bunnies, fairies, and a whimsical moose or two, but their newest venture has a decidedly darker humour to it. I don't always understand it, but I have to love it. Please check out the BooGirls Etsy shop and show some love to these unique artists who have created and hand-painted all these metal ornaments just in time for Christmas.

dark eyes
twirling in a miasma of 
twisted thoughts

waiting for the punishing,
sweet tantalizingly
torturous words
to wrench themselves
from my lips

"I love you"

only to spin headlong
into another world
of questions,
feelings bigger than 
one's own world
can fathom 

nothing says i love you
like a skull

I have also linked up with my friends at One Shot again this week for their weekly One Stop Poetry gig. Write on my friends, write on...


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