Monday, October 11, 2010

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving Day;

This weekend, I gave thanks for sunshine and a tantalizing bird tanned to succulent perfection. Family surrounded me and I knew I was blessed with their presence and the moments to appreciate this in good health. We raised glasses of vino, milk and beer, toasting thanks for the life we were offered and the people in it. Faces not able to join us, still live in our hearts, therefore their presence lovingly remains. The table was decorated by a vibrant display of the leaves, milk weed, grasses and pine cones that we collected on a glorious sun-filled walk the day before. My vitamin D intake rocketed back up to fill up my smile bank for the week. Bliss reigned, with the harmonious rhythms of a trickle stream carrying sunshine straight into my heart.

For our feasting, potatoes were beaten flat, as were poor carrots and squash in a separate receptacle. Tender green beans were dipped in boiling broth to break our bread with. We gave thanks for the food received, as penance. Our reward was pumpkin pie baked to brilliance, by my hand (well, mostly my girlies, but with my supervision) and, I must add, liked so much by my niece that she even came over to tell me she loved my pie and politely asked for more. I was floored and honoured by this rare gift of appreciation from her.

"Yes! Have another! Have the whole pie!!" I beamed.

Hugs and kisses and cards filled the night. No gruff words marred the joyous mood and we fell peaceful to slumber that evening. Well, something like that anyway. My brother-in-law and I had toasted over the top a few nights previous, so my sister took her turn to bottoms up a few bottles. Mild-mannered Mother figures by day, often makes for a more colourful vocabulary by night. Nothing a little breakie the next morning couldn't solve though. 

So I give thanks. I give thanks for my loving family, who I can be myself around whether that is embarrassing or not. I give thanks that I can count my family amongst my best of friends, as we truly enjoy spending time with each other (obligation is not our prime motivator). I also give thanks for my other dear friends that I may not have seen this weekend, except for in my mind's eye. The love and support that I receive is pretty special and keeps me going on many a day. My friends in the blog-o-sphere are counted here as well, as the support found in these beautiful circles helps to validate me, my life and my place in the cosmos on another level. Your virtual hugs mean a lot to me, I am not afraid to say. I suppose the other thanks I can count are for a working washing machine, a beautiful new tiled bathroom, a roof that should shield Mother Nature's wrath for many more seasons to come and two cute cats that are thrilled to see us, despite leaving presents  at their displeasure at our mini-vacation. They remind me to give thanks for running water and the opportunity to have clean floors. These are all gifts, big and small. Life is a gift wrapped in multi-layered wraps and for the joys and sorrows and lessons I have been offered, I give thanks...


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